The editors of Easy Family Fun are occasionally offered activities, dining, event tickets, products, and other travel-related perks for free or at discounted rates. Companies that are offering these freebies and discounts know that we will be writing our honest opinion about our experiences. We never exchange freebies and discounts for a positive review.

Easy Family Fun occasionally gives away prizes on our Facebook page as well as our website. Unless we indicate otherwise, these tickets/prizes are given to us at no cost for the purpose of giving them away in a contest for our readers. If you are a winner of a giveaway, you will be notified by email or through social media (depending on how you entered), you will have 24 hours to respond to us through email or social media so we can get your prize to you!

Many of these experiences we review on our website are offered at no cost to us, but we would never recommend a product,  experience, or a place that we don’t think is worthwhile to our readers.  We only blog about products that we think are great for the everyday mom and family.