Back To School Riddles Your Kids Will Love!

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It’s back to school time, and some kids are getting excited, others are getting nervous, and if they are like my oldest kids, they are running for the hills! No matter how your kids are feeling, these fun back to school riddles are sure to get them excited about school in no time. Riddles and jokes are a … Read more

100+ of the Best Riddles for College Students

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Just because your kids are off on their next adventure, college, doesn’t mean they won’t need a good laugh once in a while. Thank goodness we have the best riddles for college students to take their minds off all the stress of school! Riddles and jokes are a great way to relax and destress when … Read more

80 Computer Riddles for Kids

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Looking for some clever riddles that make you think? Try a byte of these funny computer riddles for kids! They’re sure to have you giggling non-stop!  Jokes and riddles are the best way to make even the most serious things fun, and our computer riddles for kids are the greatest! Each hilarious punchline will have you … Read more

30+ Candy Riddles For Kids That Are Sweet

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If you love to make all your friends laugh, our candy riddles for kids are a real treat! These clean, wholesome jokes will have everyone asking for more! I love to always be ready with some sweet jokes or riddles to put a smile on someone’s face, and these candy riddles for kids are so … Read more

85 Funny Halloween Riddles For Kids

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If you love Halloween, check out these funny Halloween riddles for kids! Each clever riddle is sure to have every ghost and ghoul howling with laughter!  Halloween is so exciting, and funny jokes and riddles make it even better! Your family and friends will love these spooktacularly funny Halloween riddles for kids! Each hilarious punchline … Read more

The Best Paint Riddles For Kids To Brighten Your Day

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Need to brighten your day? Stir up some giggles with these paint riddles for kids! Each wholesome punchline will make you think and have everyone roller-ing with laughter!  If you are looking to brush up on the funniest jokes and riddles, you’ve got to check out these paint riddles for kids! Each clever riddle will … Read more

75 Thanksgiving Riddles For Kids They’ll Gobble Up!

Your family will gobble up these hilarious Thanksgiving riddles for kids! You won’t be able to stop giggling at these hilarious, family-friendly riddles! If you are looking for the perfect jokes and riddles to share at your Thanksgiving dinner, we have just what you need! Our Thanksgiving riddles for kids will have your whole family … Read more

90 Best Train Riddles For Kids That Make You Go Choo-Choo

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These clever train riddles for kids are just the ticket to put a smile on anyone’s face! Each family-friendly punchline is sure to make everyone roll with laughter!  If you love sharing funny jokes and riddles, you’ll love these train riddles for kids! Each hilarious riddle will have you choo-choo-choosing to tell them again and … Read more

50 Cowboy Riddles For Kids That Make You Go YeeHaw

Saddle up for the funniest cowboy riddles for kids around these parts! We reckon these kid-friendly riddles will have your whole family laughing!  Every good cowboy knows that riddles and jokes are a guaranteed way to bring smiles and laughs to everyone! These cowboy riddles for kids will keep you guessing and giggling with each … Read more

75 Best Plant Riddles For Kids

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Your laughter will grow and grow with these clever plant riddles for kids! Grab these clean and hilarious riddles today and brighten everyone’s day!  There’s nothing like some jokes and riddles to sow the seeds of fun and laughter! Whether or not you have a green thumb, our plant riddles for kids are just what … Read more