The Best Map Riddles with Answers

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I have cities but no houses; who am I? Did you guess map? If you got it right, you might be the riddle champion as you try your hand at these map riddles. Grab your friends and see who gets the most map riddles correct.

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Riddles are a great way to connect and have fun with your family and friends. They make a great icebreaker or way to change the mood, especially after you make a wrong turn on a road trip!

If you are worried that you may hit a detour with these map riddles, no worries because they are perfect for kids and adults of all ages so everyone can have fun together. No speed bumps in these riddles!

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The Best Map Riddles

Map point image on white background with orange border
  • Q: I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I? A map
  • Q: I have seas without water. I have forests without wood. I have deserts without sand. I have houses with no brick. What am I? A map
  • Q: Where can you find rivers with no water, cities with no buildings and forests with no trees? In maps
  • Q: Why did the man ask his wife for a map? Because he got lost in her eyes.
  • Q: This shows you the lay of the land so you know where things can be found. Many of them also show roads so you know how to get around. This is? A map
  • Q: This used to be on paper, Now you get it on your phone. It can help you find a route so you don’t get lost and groan. This is a? Map
  • Q: You might have one of these of the world or a local one with its roads. A globe’s a spherical one of these while an atlas contains loads. What is it? A map
  • Q: This is something a cartographer creates,, Hikers use one to follow a trail. It can be used when driving to find your way everything on it is drawn to scale. This is? A map
  • Q: I can show you where things are but I’m not a tour guide. I have a scale but I don’t weigh things. I contain roads but I’m not a city. I can be on paper or on a phone but I’m not a shopping list. I can show you what’s north, south, west and east but I’m not a compass. What am I? A map
map point on white background with orange border

Q: To get around this city
You might need a Tube map
And as you get on the train
Be sure to mind the gap

What city is this?

A: London

Q: I have writing on me but Im not a newspaper
I mark a spot but I’m not a treasure map
I have names and dates on me but I’m not a birth certificate
Im not needed if you’re alive but I’m not a coffin
I can be found in a graveyard but I’m not a bunch of flowers

I’m a?

A: Tombstone

Q: If you look at a world map
What continent do you see
That contains Togo and Chad
Morocco and Malawi

This is?

A: Africa

Q: I have hands but I can not feel them. Look at me, and time will tell where your Map lies still.

What is it?

A: A clock

Q: If you look at a map, this desert has the famous “eye”.

What is it?

A: The Sahara

Q: He first used the name “atlas” to define a set of maps.

He is?

A: Gerhard Mercator

Do you have some other map riddles that you love? Share them in the comments so we can try to solve them!

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