50+ Space Riddles for Kids That Are Out of This World

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These space riddles for kids are out of this world! These are perfect for telling to family members or your Martian friends. These space riddles will help teach you about outer space. So whether you’re a complete novice or an aspiring astronaut, get ready to have some fun solving these tricky space riddles.   

2 space ships, 1 rocket, and 1 planet with white writing that says "space riddles for kids" on blue background

Space Riddles To Keep You Thinking

Space is always so much fun to learn about and there is a sense of adventure! Riddles can help your kids learn more and feel over the moon with how funny they are, especially if you are ready to explore more about all things outer space. 

Don’t worry, you won’t have to be saved by a meteor when reading them- these riddles are for everyone, little dippers and big dippers. Gather your family and get ready for some quality family fun. Play a quick game and find out who is the smartest being in the family by keeping score to see who can guess the most correct answers!

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1 space ships, 1 rocket, and 1 planet with white writing that says "space riddles for kids" on blue background

Space Riddles For Kids

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  • Q: I am the beginning of eternity, I am the end of time and space. I am the beginning of every end, I am the end of every place. What am I? The Letter “E”
  • Q: A man was walking when his suit was torn. Why did he die just minutes later? He was an astronaut walking in space.
  • Q: Can the moon cut its own hair? Yes, E-clipse it
  • Q: I am made of keys but have no locks. I have a space but not a room. You can enter but can not go outside. What am I? A Keyboard
  • Q: I am three things. A god, a measure of heat, and a planet. What am I? Mercury
  • Q: I can be behind you, in front of you, and all around at the same time. What am I? Space
  • Q: I am filled with many things: a dwarf, a hole, a clock, and you. What am I? The Universe
  • Q: I can make a room bright but not take up space. What am I? Sunlight
  • Q: I have a father who is the moon. I have a mother who is the sea. I cannot live on land. What am I? The Waves
  • Q: What kind of music do astronauts listen to in space? Nep-tunes
  • Q: I only start to work after I’ve been fired. What am I? A Rocket
  • Q: I was the first animal in space. Who am I? The cow who jumped over the moon
  • Q: One of Santa’s reindeers can be seen in outer space. Which is it? Comet
  • Q: Why would a cow make a good astronaut? Because it would walk on the mooooo-n
  • Q: I am smaller than Uranus, bigger than Venus, and am a living rock. What am I? The Earth
  • Q: I keep everyone warm as I am the hottest body in the solar system. What am I? The Sun
  • Q: I am full of gas but I am not a car. I have many rings but am not jewelry. I am a big planet but Jupiter is bigger. A Roman god was named after me. What am I? Saturn
  • Q: I am far away and have light and dark sides. My gravitational pull affects the Earth’s tides. What am I? The Moon
  • Q: Where do astronauts store their lunch? In a launch box
  • Q: What is a wizard from space that can fly? A Flying Saucer-er
  • Q: How is the moon like a dollar? It has four quarters
  • Q: The moon skipped dinner tonight- why is that? Because the moon was full
  • Q: Why do pecans belong in space? Because they’re astro-nuts
  • Q: There was a man driving a truck. He saw a woman in front of the truck. The truck had no lights and the moon was not up. How did the man see the woman? It was daytime
  • Q: What drink is an alien’s favorite? Gravi-tea
  • Q: Why would eating at a restaurant on the moon be a bad idea? Because it lacks an atmosphere
  • Q: What is an alien’s favorite snack? Space Chips
  • Q: Even if a bird was sent to space with plenty of water, it would die of dehydration. Why is that? Birds need gravity to swallow.
  • Q: I am something you look through, but am not a window. I help you see things in space. What am I? A Telescope
  • Q: We are giant balls of gas very far away. Most of us are seen at night, though one of us can be seen during the day. What are we? Stars
  • Q: I am the fourth planet from the sun and am known as the red planet. I have two moons instead of one. What am I? Mars
  • Q: Why did Mickey Mouse visit the solar system? He wanted to see Pluto
  • Q: Which was the first planet to be discovered? The Earth
  • Q: What did Mars say to Saturn? Give me a ring sometime!
  • Q: Saturn has them and married people wear them. What is it? Rings
  • Q: I’m yellow and cloudy and easy to spot. If you look from Earth, I’m not far at all. What am I? Venus
  • Q: I have 63 moons but Saturn has more. When you look through a telescope, you can see my big, red spot. What am I? Jupiter
  • Q: What candy bar is like a certain red planet? The Mars Bars
  • Q: How did the black hole lose weight? He ate light
  • Q: Where can an astronaut leave their spaceships? At parking meteors
  • Q: Is there a sea in space? Yes, the galax-sea
  • Q: What type of diet would a vegan black hole have? Strictly planet based diet
  • Q: Black holes are very popular at parties. Why? They bring everyone together.
  • Q: I have a tail, but am not a dog. I am made of ice, gas, and dust. What am I? A comet
  • Q: I am made up of a group of stars and sometimes I make a pattern. What am I? A constellation
  • Q: You can find me on four planets: Mercury, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter but not on Venus or Neptune. What am I? The letter R
  • Q: Why should the sun go to school? To get brighter
  • Q: I am a shower that doesn’t get you wet. What am I? A Meteor Shower
  • Q: What reindeer do dinosaurs like the least? Comet
  • Q: I hang in the sky like a giant scoop. There are two of me, but one is bigger. What am I? The big Dipper
  • Q: I am a kind of star that wears glasses. What am I? A Movie Star
  • Q: I am as large as a mountain and as small as a pea. I am always striding through a waterless sea. What am I? An Asteroid
  • Q: How do you organize a party in outer space? You planet

Do you have some fun space riddles for kids? Share them in the comments so we can add them to the list!

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