The Best Sun Riddles For Kids and Adults

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What star is closest to the Earth? The sun! Whether you need to brighten up the dreary winter days or add some fun to a sunny day, these sun riddles are just the thing! 

2 yellow suns on red background with white text "Sun riddles"

Riddles are a great way to light up your brain and connect with your family members. Working together to solve these riddles builds teamwork and perseverance! They can also be a great icebreaker at a family get-together or around the dinner table. 
Warm up your family as you work together on these riddles about everyone’s favorite star. And if you enjoyed these, check out Wind Riddles and Plant Riddles!

two suns on pink background with white text "sun riddles"

Sun Riddles

yellow sun on white background with pink border
  • Q: This can be seen up in the sky but it is not a kite. It is a giant ball of gas. Which gives you heat and light. What is it? The sun
  • Q: If you look up during the day then you will see this lit because it is Earth’s closest star around which we orbit. What is it? The sun
  • Q: This is something in the sky which has a gaseous for all the rays which it shines down are what help to keep us warm. What is it? The sun
  • Q: You see it rise in the morning and set when the day is done. It provides us with light and heat It’s a star that’s called the _ _ _? The sun
  • Q: I provide light but I’m not a candle I’m hot but I’m not a bonfire. I have rays but I’m not an aquarium. I’m a star but I’m not a celebrity. I rise in the morning but I’m not someone getting out of bed. What am I? The sun
  • Q: Never resting, never still. Moving silently from hill to hill. It does not walk, run or trot. All is cool where it is not. What is it? Sunshine
  • Q: I am here all the time, Even if you can not see me, I appear to be as big as a dime, I am able to do something different, But closer than another galaxy, I am important in your life, In more than just a couple ways. Am I the Sun, a Planet, or the Moon? The sun
  • Q: A golden treasure that never stays; The coin whose face gives wealth to all. Strands, nuggets, and dust of gold
  • are all bought with its shining grace… And all are more precious than any gleaming metal. What am I? The sun
  • Q: I am white, I hang out being where birds take flight. I am up n the sky so I can sit and spy, I look down on every fellow. When I’m gone you seek your pillow. What am I? A cloud
  • Q: I am the hottest body in the solar system. I keep everyone warm. What am I? I am the sun
  • Q: I am the biggest yellow color star. I am at the center of the solar system. What am I? The sun
  • Q: If the sun shines while it’s snowing, what should you look for? Snowbows
  • Q: What does the sun drink out of? Sunglasses.
  • Q: What is the best day to go to the beach? Sunday
  • Q: What holds the sun up in the sky? Sunbeams
  • Q: Why is the letter G like the sun? Because it is the center of light.
  • Q: What did the moon say to the sun after dinner? I’m full
  • Q: It’s raining at midnight. Will there be sunny weather in 72 hours? No, because in 72 hours it will be midnight again.
  • Q: Why didn’t the sun go to college? Because it already had a million degrees!
  • Q: What is bright and sunny? The sun
  • Q: What do you get when you take the sun and divide its circumference by its diameter? Pi in the sky.
  • Q: I exist where there is light but direct sunlight kills me. What am I? A shadow
  • Q: I protect the earth from ultraviolet rays given off by the sun. What could I be? The Stratosphere (Ozone)
  • Q: A boy had just got out of the shower and getting ready for his prom, shaved, and with cologne and there was going to be an after party and his mom, and dad said be home for the next sunrise and was home for the next sunrise but with a full grown beard. How can this be? He lives in Alaska and sunrise’s are every six months.
  • Q: There were 2 children, the son and the daughter. The daughter was born on January 20th and the son was born on March 12th. Both of them were born in the morning. Which one did their parents see first? The sun because it was the morning.
yellow sun on white background with pink border
  • Q: What goes in and around the house but never touches it? The sun
  • Q: What happens to the dog when it stands in front of the hot sun? The dog becomes hotdog.
  • Q: A plant named after a light source. Sunflower
  • Q: A man was driving a black truck. His lights were not on. The moon was not out. A lady was crossing the street. How did the man see her? It was a bright, sunny day.
  • Q: Why is the sun so bright? Because it pays attention in the class and does its homework on time.

Do you have some other sun riddles that you love? Share in the comments so we can try and solve them!

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