35 Best Banana Riddles That Are A-Peeling

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What is blue and yellow, and who loves bananas? A minion! Your little minion will find these banana riddles a-peeling and will want to share these mind teasers with everyone! Not only are they perfect for your kids to share with their friends, but you can also use them in the classroom for some extra fun. 

Riddles and jokes are great when you have a group of kids that need entertainment. When I had lunch duty at my daughter’s school, I would try and stump the kids with riddles during lunch. It was always a huge hit. By the end of the year, we were trading riddles with each other, which was something to look forward to and kept my solving skills sharp! 

Riddles can break the ice in awkward conversations and help kids and adults connect. When kids can find common ground with adults, it becomes easier for conversation to flow. Riddles are perfect for any group of kids, from classrooms to birthday parties to church groups; use riddles to break the ice. 

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The Best Banana Riddles

green bordered image with a banana riddle on it along with a cartoon banana
  • Q: What did the banana do when it heard the ice scream? It split.
  • Q: You have been given the task of transporting 3,000 apples 1,000 miles from Appleland to Bananaville. Your truck can carry 1,000 apples at a time. Every time you travel a mile towards Bananaville you must pay a tax of 1 apple but you pay nothing when going in the other direction (towards Appleland). What is highest number of apples you can get to Bananaville? 833 apples. (Step one: First you want to make 3 trips of 1,000 apples 333 miles. You will be left with 2,001 apples and 667 miles to go. Step two: Next you want to take 2 trips of 1,000 apples 500 miles. You will be left with 1,000 apples and 167 miles to go (you have to leave an apple behind). Step three: Finally, you travel the last 167 miles with one load of 1,000 apples and are left with 833 apples in Bananaville. )
  • Q: What fruit teases people a lot? A bana na na na na na!
  • Q: Why did the banana wear sunscreen at the beach? It didn’t want to peel.
  • Q: Why did the banana go to the nurse’s office? Because he wasn’t peeling well!
  • Q: Why are old people like bananas? The older they get, the less firm they are.
  • Q: Why did the banana wear sunscreen? He didn’t want to peel!
  • Q: What’s yellow and goes 50 miles per hour? A banana in a washing machine.
  • Q: What is yellow on the outside and gray on the inside? An elephant that’s dressed up in a banana skin.
  • Q: When you remove six letters from this sequence, what familiar English word will it reveal? BSAINXLEATNTEARS? Banana
  • Q: What does this represent? BAN ANA ? Banana split. Its the word banana, and its split apart.
  • Q: What has yellow skin and writes? A ballpoint banana
  • Q: If twenty monkeys run after one banana, what time is it? Twenty after one!
  • Q: Why didn’t the police catch the banana? Because it split!
  • Q: At times they are green; at times they are brown, and both of these times, they cause me to frown. But just in between, for a very short while, they’re perfect and yellow, and cause me to smile. They are? Bananas
  • Q: Why did the apple go out with a banana? Because it couldn’t find a date.
green bordered image with a banana riddle on it along with a cartoon banana
  • Q: I am a yellow fruit with three of the letters A in my name. I have a lot of potassium to help your muscles work better. I am tough on the outside and soft on the inside. What am I? Banana
  • Q: How do monkeys get down the stairs? They slide down the banana-ster!
  • Q: What do you call a monkey with a banana in each ear? Anything you want, it can’t hear you!
  • Q: Why did the monkey like the banana? Because it had appeal!
  • Q: A monkey, a squirrel, and a bird are racing to the top of a coconut tree. Who will get the banana first, the monkey, the squirrel, or the bird? None of them, because you cant get a banana from a coconut tree!
  • Q: What kind of a key opens a banana? A monkey
  • Q: My color is yellow and I grow on trees. I’m a popular food with apes and monkeys. Banana
  • Q: I am a fruit that’s curved although I am not round. Don’t slip up on my skin if it’s dropped on the ground. Banana
  • Q: I am the kind of food monkey likes, and people slip on me and fall in cartoons. What am I? Banana
  • Q: This monkey food makes people slip and fall in cartoons. What am I? Banana

Do you have some other favorite banana riddles? Share them in the comments so we can try and solve them!

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