65 Best Dad Riddles You Will Love

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Do you know a Dad who loves riddles? This collection of Dad Riddles will be sure to bring a smile to their face and a laugh to those who hear them.

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Most Dads that I know love to share riddles, and this collection is all about Dads. It is perfect for Father’s Day or anytime a laugh is needed and these Dad Riddles are no exception.

They are a great way to share a laugh and a smile with someone. Riddles tease our brains and tickle our funny bone when we find out the answers. When we share a riddle with someone, we are creating a moment of connection and fun that kids love to be involved in. 

Riddles can be solved at any age and can be about any topic. We have a huge collection of riddles that would be perfect for kids up to adults. Check out our Train Riddles For Kids or our Riddles For College Students; both lists have something for everyone! 

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The Best Dad Riddles

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  • Q: Why do dads who golf always take an extra pair of socks? In case they get a hole in one!
  • Q: What did the banana give its dad for Father’s Day? Slippers
  • Q: Why did the daddy cat want to go bowling on Father’s Day? He was an alley cat.
  • Q: What did the grape say to his dad? Dad you did a grape job raisin me!
  • Q: What did the sweet potato say to Luke Skywalker? Luke, I yam your Father!
  • Q: Why did the kids give beans to their dad for Father’s Day? He was chili!
  • Q: Why was the strawberry later for Father’s Day? He got caught in a jam!
  • Q: What did Daddy pig put on his Father’s Day pancakes? Hog cabin syrup
  • Q: What did the Panda give his daddy on Father’s Day? A bear hug.
  • Q: What did the daddy chimney say to the baby chimney? You’re too little to smoke.
  • Q: How did the Panda open his Father’s Day card? With his bear hands.
  • Q: Mr. Harry had 4 daughters, each daughter had a brother… How many Children does Mr Harry have? No children! What’s written is : Mr. Harry “had” …So at present Mr Harry has no children. They are adults.
  • Q: Malcolm is the number of weeks of his father’s age treated as days and his grandfather’s age in months. All three of their ages add up to 120 years. How old is Malcolm, his father, and his grandfather?
  • Malcolm is 6. The father is 42. 42 days = 6 weeks. The grandfather is 72. 72 months = 6 years.
  • Q: What did Chewbacca get from his kids on Father’s Day? A plate of Chocolate Chip Wookiees.
  • Q: How did the piglet wake his papa up on Father’s Day? With hogs and kisses.
  • Q: Why was the father so creepy on Father’s Day? He was a daddy long legs!
  • Q: What’s the last thing the balloon said to his dad on Father’s Day? POP!
  • Q: Why did the boy give his golf-loving dad a pair of pants for Father’s Day? In case he finally got a hole-in-one.
  • Q: What did the angler dad want to play on Father’s Day? Go Fish!
  • Q: What’s the easiest kind of flower to find for dad on Father’s Day? Daddylions.
  • Q: What did the ferret do with his dad on Father’s Day? Played POP goes the weasel.
Riddle card with an orange bowtie on a white background with a yellow border.
  • Q: What do dads like to eat for breakfast on Father’s Day? POP Tarts!
  • Q: What’s the perfect Father’s Day gift? A book about anti-gravity – it’s impossible to put down!
  • Q: What did the baby corn say to the mama corn? “Where’s Popcorn?”
  • Q: What do you call a dad who falls through the ice? A popsicle!
  • Q: How does dad take his coffee?  Very, very seriously.
  • Q: What do you call your dad when he falls through the ice? A: A POPsicle!
  • Q: When does a joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent!
  • Q: Why didn’t the kid give his dad a gift on father’s day?  He figured his dad already had him!
  • Q: What’s the difference between a bad joke and a dad joke? One letter!
  • Q: What’s the secret to telling a good dad joke on an elevator? It has to work on many levels…
  • Q: What do you call someone who isn’t a dad but tells dad jokes? A faux pa
  • Q: What did the iceberg say to it’s dad on Father’s Day? Dad, you are the coolest!
  • Q: What’s a fun Father’s Day gift for a dad who loves golf? Silly putty.
  • Q: Why wasn’t one Father’s Day gift any better than the other? It was a tie.
  • Q: When my father was 31, I was 8. Now he is twice as old as me. How old am I?  23
  • Q: What kind of music did the kids play for their dad on Father’s Day? Pop music.
  • Q: What does a guy need to do to get someone to make them a Father’s Day dinner? Have kids!
  • Q: Who’s the loudest person on Father’s Day? POP!
  • Q: Why couldn’t the digital clock make Dad dinner for Father’s Day? It had no hands!
  • Q: What can you give a dad for Father’s Day that he’ll love – and costs nothing at all? A long nap.
Riddle card with a black hat and mustache on a white background with a yellow border.
  • Q: What did the banana daddy get for Father’s Day? Slippers.
  • Q: Why do so many dads hope it doesn’t rain on Father’s Day? So they can play catch with their kids!
  • Q: What do dads like to snack on for Father’s day? POPcorn.
  • Q: How do dads like their steak on Father’s Day? On a plate!
  • Q: Why did the broken firecracker get a gift? It’s nice to give Duds gifts on Father’s Day.
  • Q: When does Father’s Day come before St. Patrick’s Day? In the dictionary!
  • Q: Why did dad want to go fishing on Father’s Day? He was hooked on it.
  • Q: What should you never give a daddy dentist on Father’s Day? A plaque!
  • Q: What did the mommy bullet say to the daddy bullet? We’re gonna have a BB!
  • Q: What did the buffalo say to his son as he left for school? Bison!
  • Q: Why did the kids give their dad a blanket for Father’s Day? Because he was the coolest dad.
  • Q: Why do dads who like golf get extra pairs of socks for Father’s Day? Just in case they finally get a hole in one.
  • Q: What treat do dads like for Father’s Day? POPsicles.
  • Q: What did the golfer’s dad want for Father’s Day? A Tee Shirt
  • Q: Why did the daddy cat want to go bowling on Father’s Day? He was an alley cat.
  • Q: What did Daddy pig put on his Father’s Day pancakes? Hog cabin syrup
  • Q: A man walks into an art museum and stares at a painting. When a guard walks up and asks him why he is so interested in the painting he responds with “brothers and sisters I have none but that man’s father is my father’s son” who is the man in the painting? The man in the painting is his son.
  • Q: What’s dad’s favorite kind of cheese? Nacho cheese cause it’s Dad’s cheese.
  • Q: What’s your Dad’s best joke about pizza? I can’t tell you, it’s just too cheesy…
  • Q: What can you put in a barrel that makes the barrel lighter? A hole.
Riddle card with a super dad logo on a white background with a yellow border.
  • Q: A cowboy rode into a town on Friday. He stayed for three nights, and then he left on Friday. How is this possible? His horse’s name was Friday
  • Q: The more I dry the wetter I get, what am I? A towel
  • Q: What goes up, but never comes down? Your age
  • Q: A rooster lays an egg right on the point of a roof in the morning. If the wind is blowing to the west and the sun is shining in the east, which way will the egg roll off the roof? East or West? Neither. Roosters don’t lay eggs.

Do you have some other awesome dad riddles? Be sure to share them in the comments so we can try and solve them!

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