40 Moon Riddles

Do your kids love stargazing at night and exploring the mysteries of outer space? If so, you’ll be delighted to know that moon riddles are a fun way for them to learn all about the moon in a fun way. Not only do these riddles for kids boost creativity, but they can also help sharpen … Read more

110 Best Riddles For Teenagers That Won’t Get Eye Rolls

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Dinosaur Riddles

teal image with white text reading Dinosaur Riddles

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20+ Best Smile Riddles To Turn A Frown Upside Down

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35 Best Banana Riddles That Are A-Peeling

green image with white text that reads Banana Riddles with cartoon bananas around the text

What is blue and yellow, and who loves bananas? A minion! Your little minion will find these banana riddles a-peeling and will want to share these mind teasers with everyone! Not only are they perfect for your kids to share with their friends, but you can also use them in the classroom for some extra … Read more

75 Best Book Riddles

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95 Fish Riddles That Are Fin-Stastic!

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40 Awesome Running Riddles

What gets harder to catch the quicker you run? Your breath! Bring these running riddles to the next track meet and exercise your brain muscles and legs all at the same time. Everyone can be a winner when it comes to solving a riddle!    Riddles can be such a fun way to build teamwork in … Read more

The Best Sun Riddles For Kids and Adults

What star is closest to the Earth? The sun! Whether you need to brighten up the dreary winter days or add some fun to a sunny day, these sun riddles are just the thing!  Riddles are a great way to light up your brain and connect with your family members. Working together to solve these … Read more