St. Patrick’s Day Candy Dice Game

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Show me a child that doesn’t get excited when you ask if they want to play a game involving candy. Make it centered around St. Patrick’s day and it’ll be a hit for sure. This St. Patrick’s day candy dice game will bring lots of laughter to your table as you gather your family and friends together for some rollin’ fun.

This game has super simple rules. Every person starts out with 2 candies and then there is a bowl of candies in the middle. Take turns rolling the dice and follow the prompt for the number that the dice lands on. The first player to collect 10 candies is the winner.

Add an extra fun touch by using St. Patrick’s Day themed candy like Skittles, Chocolate coins, Rolos, Rainbow sour bites, or green gummy bears. Use our printable to help everyone remember what each side of the dice means. This game can be enjoyed by big and small groups, so get ready for laughter and cheers of excitement for St. Patrick’s Day. Want to add more laughter and more for adults then share some of these Festive St. Patrick’s Day Puns For Adults.

May the luck of the Irish be with you as you face your family in this St. Patrick’s Day candy dice game to see who will walk away with the pot of gold (or candy).

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Dive into a world of festive fun with our St. Patrick’s Day Activity Bundle! Perfect for families seeking to sprinkle some educational magic into their celebrations, this bundle is packed with engaging puzzles, crafts, and activities tailored for St. Patrick’s Day.

Don’t let this opportunity to create memorable learning experiences pass you by. Grab your copy and start your journey towards a magical St. Patrick’s Day filled with joy, creativity, and bonding moments. Get ready to explore the luck of the Irish with activities that everyone in the family will love!

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