5 Second Christmas Game [Free Download]

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Get ready for a rush of festive fun with the 5 Second Christmas Game. You’ve got 5 seconds, a category like “places you hide Christmas presents” or “gifts you give a teacher,” and your mission? Name three things in that category before the clock runs out. It’s fast, furious, and the perfect formula for laughter and friendly competition this holiday season. 

5 Second Christmas Game

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Feel that adrenaline? That’s the thrill of the countdown in the 5 Second Christmas Game. When the clock starts ticking, it’s like a festive race against time. Can you name three Christmas movies in 5 seconds? The pressure is on, but so is the laughter. It’s the kind of holiday excitement that turns any gathering into a spirited showdown of speedy wit.

The categories in this game are like a rollercoaster of festive randomness. From naming three types of Christmas cookies to listing holiday traditions in a blink, every round brings a new twist. It’s not just about being quick on your feet; it’s about embracing the unexpected and showcasing your Christmas expertise in the most amusing way possible.

Round up the family and friends because it’s time for a face-off that’ll have everyone in stitches. The 5 Second Christmas Game transforms any gathering into a hilarious competition. Who knew naming three holiday songs could be so entertaining? The best part is, whether you’re a seasoned holiday pro or a rookie reveler, everyone’s got a shot at the title in this fast-paced festive showdown.

5 Second Christmas Game Supplies

When it comes to setting up this Christmas Game, there is not much you need!

  • Printable 5 Second Christmas Game sheet
  • Timer
  • Prize for the player that wins, if you want
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How to Play the 5 Second Christmas Game

  • Choose someone to be the Game Master. Their role is to announce the categories and manage the timer. Rotate this role to keep things fun.
  • The Game Master announces a category from the cards below, starts the timer, and picks a player. The chosen player has 5 seconds to name three things that fit the category. It’s a race against time!
  • Expect laughter and a bit of chaos as players try to come up with answers on the spot. The key is to embrace the fast-paced, lighthearted vibe of the game.
  • After each round, rotate to a new player. Keep the categories flowing, and watch as everyone’s quick thinking adds a hilarious twist to the game.
  • If you’re feeling competitive, you can keep score. Award points for successful answers within the 5-second window. The player with the most points at the end of the game takes home the holiday bragging rights!
  • Remember, the main goal is to have a blast and share laughs with your loved ones. Don’t stress about the timer; enjoy the funny and unexpected answers that make this game a holiday hit. 

5 Second Game Prompts:

  • Name 3 gifts you give a teacher 
  • Name 3 something in your stocking
  • Name 3 things you put in hot chocolate
  • Name 3 kid’s Christmas books
  • Name 3 famous Christmas movies 
  • Name 3 name of reindeer
  • Name 3 things found at the North Pole
  • Name 3 something found in Santa’s sleigh
  • Name 3 things you put on the tree
  • Name 3 elf on the shelf names
  • Name 3 pie flavors
  • Name 3 Christmas carols
  • Name 3 candy used on gingerbread houses
  • Name 3 gifts girls want for Christmas
  • Name 3 gifts boys want for Christmas
  • Name 3 gifts to give grandma
  • Name 3 gifts to give grandpa
  • Name 3 homemade gifts to make
  • Name 3 things you eat at Christmas dinner
  • Name 3 non pie desserts
  • Name 3 Santa’s reindeers
  • Name 3 words that start with “snow”
  • Name 3 things to do on Christmas
  • Name 3 things to do on Christmas break
  • Name 3 things to leave out for Santa 
  • Name 3 gifts to give your pet fish
  • Name 3 gifts to give your dog
  • Name 3 things you eat at Christmas dinner
  • Name 3 words to describe Santa’s sleigh
  • Name 3 words to describe Christmas 
  • Name 3 words to describe Santa
  • Name 3 parts of the Nativity
  • Name 3 Christmas phrases
  • Name 3 things that get you on the naughty list
  • Name 3 outdoor Christmas decorations
  • Name 3 things you need to wrap presents
  • Name 3 Christmas colors
  • Name 3 Christmas tree toppers
  • Name 3 best parts of Christmas
  • Name 3 types of Christmas candies
  • Name 3 gifts you give to neighbors
  • Name 3 Christmas candle scents
  • Name 3 Christmas carols that  say the word “bell” 
  • Name 3 ingredients needed to make cookies
  • Name 3 Christmas movie actors
  • Name 3 things to do in the snow
  • Name 3 Christmas party games 
  • Name 3 gifts on your wishlist
  • Name 3 things made with eggnog
  • Name 3 things on an ugly Christmas sweater
  • Name 3 stores you shop at on Black Friday
  • Name 3 stores you shop at on Christmas Eve. 
  • Name 3 last minute Christmas gift ideas
  • Name 3 things to do in the snow
  • Name 3 things to do inside when it snows 
  • Name 3 places you go to visit Santa 
  • Name 3 gifts kids do not want
  • Name 3 places you hear Christmas music
  • Name 3 things you hang up for Christmas 
  • things you bake around Christmas
  • Name 3 places to buy toys
  • Name 3 types of Christmas trees
  • Name 3 things Santa wears
  • Name 3 jobs elves do at the North Pole 
  • Name 3 gifts given during the 12 days of Christmas 
  • Name 3 characters in the movie “The Grinch” 
  • Name 3 things you can do for others during the holidays
  • Name 3 songs sung by carolers
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