248 Captivating Animals That Start With D 

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Learning about animals is always so much fun! We put together this fun list of animals that start with D. This list is the perfect place to start learning about and exploring new animals!

Commonly known animals that begin with D

There are so many fun animals that begin with D. I hope you have a fun time learning more about the more common ones! 


Dachshunds are a short but long dog. They have a great sense of smell and were once used to hunt animals that live in holes. They are fun playful dogs. They are also strong-headed and stubborn so they can be hard to train. 

Daddy long legs

Daddy Long leg spiders have legs that are 5-6 times the length of their body. They will shake their web violently if they are disturbed to blur the vision of their predators. 

Dairy Cow 

Dairy Cows will produce between 6-8 gallons of milk each day per cow. Milk cows are mainly Holsteins and are black with white spots. It takes 5-7 minutes for a cow to be milked. Cows don’t have top front teeth. Cows can’t see the color red. 


Dalmatians are born white, and their black spots appear a few weeks after birth. They can have between 50-500 spots. They can run for miles and not get tired; they get along really well with horses. Back in the day, they would run along fire wagons to help calm the horses standing near the fires. 


Male Deers are called bucks and they are the only ones that grow antlers. Female deer are called does and baby deer are called fawns. They can run 35 miles per hour and can jump over 30 feet. They eat leaves, forbs, seeds, mushrooms, and grass. 

Desert Tortoise 

Desert Tortoises live between 30-50 years while a few can live to be over 80 years old. They live in the desert of northwestern Mexico and the Southwestern United States. During the heat of the summer, Tortoises will dig burrows to get out of the sun and cool down. They will also dig grooves into the ground to catch rainwater. Once it gets a good drink it can last up to a year without needing fresh water.

Diving Duck 

They live in big deep lakes, coastal bays, rivers, and inlets. They have webbed feet with strong lobed hind toes that act as paddles. They dive beneath the water’s surface to catch their food. 


Dogs can smell a lot better than we can. They can breathe through their nose and mouth at the same time! A lot of dogs can learn over 100 gestures and words. They can’t hear when they are born. Did you know that dogs dream just like you do when they sleep?  


Dolphins live to be 45-50 years old. Every two hours dolphins shed their outermost layer of skin which helps keep their bodies smooth for them to swim better. They are carnivores and eat mostly fish. They travel in groups of about 10-15 dolphins called pods. 


Donkeys are very strong animals and can carry heavy loads over rough terrain. Donkeys can see all of their feet at the same time. They have amazing hearing and can hear over 60 miles away. Donkeys are curious and very clever animals. They also have a calming effect on other animals. 


Doves like to eat fruit, seeds, and plants. They are known for being gentle and peaceful birds. They can fly really fast and can fly at speeds of 55 miles per hour. 


Dragonflies catch their prey with their legs and eat them with their very sharp teeth. They love to eat insects and can fly very fast. Their wings are very beautiful with lots of different colors and designs. 


Ducks mainly eat grass, plants that grow in the water, worms, and small fish. Their feathers are extremely waterproof and water just slides off of them. 


Ducklings are born with their eyes open and can swim, run, and forage for food soon after they are born. They are very independent and are ready to leave their nest soon after they are born.

Other Animals That Start With D

  • D’Appollonia’s Gecko
  • D’Orbigny’s Skink
  • Dab
  • Dabb Lizard
  • Dabchick
  • Dachsador
  • Dachshund
  • Dachshund Mix
  • Daddy Longlegs
  • Daeodon
  • Dagger-Toothed Moray Eel
  • Dainty Green Tree Dragon
  • Dairy Cow
  • Daisy Brittle Star
  • Dall’s Porpoise

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