Celebrating National Pancake Day: A Flipping Good Time!

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National Pancake Day, a delicious tradition that varies each year, is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday, falling seven weeks before Easter and the day before Ash Wednesday. This day marks a time of indulgence and merriment, serving as a precursor to the fasting period of Lent for many Christians. But regardless of its religious roots, National Pancake Day has evolved into a universal celebration of one of the most beloved breakfast foods around the globe.

The History and Tradition of National Pancake Day

The origins of Pancake Day are deeply entwined with the start of Lent. Traditionally, people would use up their stores of milk, eggs, and sugar to make pancakes, clearing out their pantries in preparation for the 40 days of fasting that commemorate Jesus’ time in the wilderness. This day, occurring 47 days before Easter, shifts annually, mirroring Easter’s changing date.

Pancakes have been a versatile food staple, enjoyed with both sweet and savory toppings. From the classic maple syrup drizzle to more adventurous toppings like Nutella or smoked salmon, the possibilities are endless, ensuring that everyone’s palate is catered to.

Different Ways To Eat Pancakes

We challenge you to step outside the traditional pancake box this National Pancake Day. Here are some unique topping combinations to elevate your pancakes:

  • Lemon and Sugar: A sprinkle of sugar and a dash of fresh lemon juice for a zestful twist.
  • Nutella and Peanut Butter: A creamy blend of Nutella with peanut butter for the ultimate sweet treat.
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly: A nostalgic take with peanut butter and strawberry jam, a sure hit with the kids.
  • Smoked Salmon and Crème Fraîche: For a savory twist, top your pancake with smoked salmon and a dollop of crème fraîche.
  • Savory Cheese Pancakes: A thin pancake layer with cheese and ham, folded and melted to perfection.

A Look Back at Pancake History

The pancake’s history is as rich and varied as its toppings. Referred to by many names, including Johnnycakes, griddle cakes, and hotcakes, pancakes are believed to date back to the Stone Age. The first written mention comes from an ancient Greek poet in 600 BC, describing a warm pancake-like dish.

By 1100 AD, pancakes had become a traditional pre-Lent breakfast in Europe. The introduction of Bisquick in the United States in 1931 revolutionized pancake making, further popularized when Bisquick sponsored Pancake Week in 1985. The record for the largest pancake ever made was set in 1995 in Rochdale, United Kingdom, measuring 16.4 yards across and weighing 3 tons.

How to celebrate national pancake day

Join the Pancake Party

Whether you’re enjoying pancakes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with family or hosting a neighborhood pancake block party, there’s no wrong way to celebrate National Pancake Day. Experiment with toppings, share your creations and enjoy the laughter and joy that comes with cooking and eating together.

We’re eager to hear about your family’s favorite pancake recipes and traditions. Share your pancake day celebrations with us and spread the joy of this wonderfully versatile dish. Happy National Pancake Day! Let the flipping begin!

Share a laugh with a friend!

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