50+ Best Fall This or That Questions

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This or that is a fun activity to do as a family or add to your Instagram story to get to know your friends and family. Fall this or that is another fun way to connect! Just download, print, and play. 

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Fall This or That

Fall this or that is the perfect game to play to welcome fall. This is the perfect game for kids, tweens, teens, and families. We have included over 50 autumn-themed this or that questions for the kids to have fun exploring. 

It is perfect for filling time in the classroom, using around the dinner table, at youth activities, or riding in the car together. They even work great for texting friends to get to know them better.

Regardless of how you use these, you are guaranteed to have some great conversations, and maybe even some belly laughs as well! For more fall fun, grab our fall charades and fall bingo.

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How the Play Fall This or That

Playing fall this or that is simple. You are given two choices, and you must decide which one you like better. It is that simple. You can play with a big group or with 1-2 people or even by yourself. It is really up to you.

Fall This or That Printable

We have created several fall this or that printable options that we know you will love!

Printable Version

The first is an 8.5″ x 11″ version, which you can print. We think this is going to be perfect for classroom use! You can give each person a copy of it, and they can circle the answers they choose. Once everyone has circled the choices, you can read each pairing one by one, and the kids can raise their hands for the one they prefer. This is free when you join our email list at the bottom of the page.

Instagram Fall This or That

We know how fun it is to play this or that with your friends on Instagram. So we have created a fall this or that version perfect for your Instagram stories. You will just grab your free version of this at the bottom of the page and download it to your phone as a photo so you can use it.

Post it on Instagram with your answers circled, and then post a blank copy so your friends and followers can also play! Be sure to tag us at @easy_family_fun, and while you are at it, be sure to follow us as well!

Fall This or That Printable Cards

We know that it is fun to make this or that a fun game for everyone to play together. So if you are looking for fall this or that printable cards, we have you covered. You can grab 50 fall this or that cards right here for one low price. All you have to do is download, print, and start playing. These are great to have on hand in the classroom when you have a few minutes in between activities or if you are looking for a quick brain break this fall.

Fall This or That Questions

  • Candy corn or Caramel apples
  • Camping or bonfire
  • Autumn or Fall
  • Countryside or city lights
  • Fall baking or snuggled up reading
  • Pumpkin soup or chicken tortilla soup
  • Sweaters or jackets
  • Smell of fresh rain or smell of campfires
  • Waffles or pancakes
  • Rainy mornings or brisk nights
  • October or November
  • Rainy mornings or brisk nights
  • Rain boots or slippers
  • Pies or cobbler
  • Jeans of Joggers
  • Pumpkin pie spice or apple pie spice
  • Cinnamon rolls or cookies
  • Candles or nightlight
  • Early mornings or late nights
  • Sitting by the fire or warm baths
  • Pinecones or Acorns
  • Corn maze or pumpkin patch
  • Fall colors or Halloween colors
  • Apple cider or hot chocolate
  • Cozy sweater or cozy socks
  • Jumping in leaves or long walks
  • Soup or chili
  • Changing leaves of falling leaves
  • Pumpkin bread or pumpkin cookies
  • Soup kitchen or blessing bags
  • Good book or funny movie
  • Football game or movie night
  • Football game or tailgate party
  • Tent camping or cabin
  • Apple picking or pumpkin patch
  • S’mores or Cobbler
  • Pumpkin pie or apple pie
  • Yellow or orange
  • Corn maze or hayride
  • Horseback riding or Tire swing
  • Sunflower fields or apple orchards
  • Mud puddles or crunchy leaves
  • Pumpkin everything or no pumpkin
  • Calm breeze or pouring rain
  • Full moon or shooting stars
  • September or October
  • October or November
  • Rainy days or snowy nights
  • Pumpkin scents or apple scents
  • Sit by the fire or long drives
  • Bake cakes or bake cookies
  • Coffee shops or donut shops
  • Sunrise or sunset
  • Giving or receiving
  • Cozy sweater or comfy hoodie
  • Catch a turkey or a catch a fox
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