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This Halloween Word Scramble is perfect for the spooky season! With 20 Halloween themed words to unscramble, it is a fun activity for your home or classroom. Download, print, and unscramble today! Perfect for kids and adults alike. 

Halloween word scramble pdf in color and black and white with an orange border.

Halloween Word Scramble

Spooky season is here, and we have the perfect activity to keep the kids entertained! Grab the kids and see who can unscramble these Halloween themed words. It is just what you need when you need a quiet time activity that kids will love.

And if you are looking for even more word scrambles, be sure to check out our Fall word scramble as well.

5 Halloween word scramble pdfs in color and black and white with purple and white background with green text that says Halloween word scramble

How to Use the Halloween Word Scramble

I love word scramble worksheets because there are so many ways to make use of them. The following are some great ideas. 

At Home

It would be great to use at home during quiet time or as a fun activity in between learning. It’s a great substitute for those days when it’s too cold or rainy to play outside. I also enjoy giving my kids these for when I need to finish up cooking or making their lunch.

At School

This fall word scramble PDF is a great way to occupy your students. Teachers can make a big stack of copies to always have on hand. Pass them out to the students who finish their work early or as a fun activity to complete during free period. 

Clubs / Churches

Along the lines of using during free periods, this Halloween word scramble PDF worksheet can also be used for kids to occupy themselves before starting as a fun ice breaker. It’s also a great time filler when kids are waiting to get picked up by their parents. 

More Halloween Activities

Add more Halloween fun to the mix with these other fun activities. They are just as fun for kids and students as the Halloween scramble. 

Halloween word scramble pdfs in color and black and white with purple background with green text that says Halloween word scramble

Halloween Words to Unscramble

  • nkupimp
  • cyasr
  • oshtg
  • pecsro
  • daync
  • abt
  • mutesoc
  • cwiht
  • dhnetau
  • miapevr
  • slkul
  • tcirk ro terat
  • sdeipr
  • mbioze
  • redyiha
  • ntiopo
  • daync ncro
  • bocewb
  • obtOrce
  • wlreoefw

Halloween Words Unscrambled

  • Trick or treat
  • Werewolf
  • October
  • Candy corn
  • Cobweb
  • Hayride
  • Skull
  • Witch
  • Scary
  • Haunted
  • Zombie
  • Pumpkin
  • Costume
  • Spider
  • candy
  • Bat
  • Vampire
  • Corpse
  • Potion
  • Ghost

How to Use these Halloween Word Scramble Worksheets

There are many ways to use this worksheet. Feel free to use it however is best for your kids and students.

  • First, pass them out to the kids. 
  • Next, see if they can unscramble all the fall words within 5 minutes. 
  • The first person to unscramble them all correctly or unscrambles the most correctly within the time frame wins.

If you are playing with younger children, you may want to provide them with a word bank on the back of the paper or on a white board. Feel free to add prizes to the winners like a piece of candy.

Halloween word scramble with purple border and testimonials.

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