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Thursday Jokes To Share

  • Q:How do you make time fly on Thursdays? A:Throw a clock out the window.
  • Q:What do you call a Thursday with a lot of luck? A: Four-tune!
  • Q:What’s the best way to spend a Thursday evening? A: Planning your weekend adventures.
  • Q:What’s Thursday’s favorite song? A: Just one more day to go!
  • Q:Why don’t scientists trust atoms on Thursdays? A: Because they make up everything!
  • Q:Why did the cat wear a sweater on Thursday? A: It was chilly, and it wanted to look purrfect.
  • Q:What is the best day to study philosophy? A: Thoreau back Thursday?
  • Q:Why did Thursday get a gift? A: For always bringing good news of the weekend.
  • Q:What did the loaf of bread say on Thursday morning? A: I’m toast!
  • Q:Why did the football team go to the bank on Thursday? A: To get their quarterback.
  • Q:What did Friday say to Thursday? A: Thanks for warming up the crowd for me!
  • Q:Why did Thursday sit in the corner of the room? A: Because it was a little “edgy”!
  • Q:What did the pen say to Thursday? A: You’ve got it write!
  • Q:Why did Thursday bring a ladder to the art gallery? A: Because it wanted to see the “highlights”!
  • Q:What do you call a Thursday that’s also a superhero? A: “Thors”-day!
  • Q:What’s the difference between a Thursday and a Monday? A: One has hope, the other is hopeless.
  • Q:Why was Thursday so calm? A: It knew Friday was right around the corner.
  • Q:What’s a Thursday’s favorite type of music? A: Heavy “Thurs” day Metal!
  • Q:Why did the coffee file a police report on Thursday? A:  It got mugged by Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!
  • Q:What is a classical musician’s favorite day of the week? A: Throw-Bach Thursday.
  • Q:What’s the most depressing sound on Thursday? A: Alarm clocks.
  • Q:What did the teacher say to her student when he walked into class on Thursday morning? A: Why the long face?
  • Q:What do you call a Thursday with a headache? A: Throbbing Thursday.
  • Q:What’s the worst that might happen on Friday? A: You realize it’s Thursday.
  • Q:What’s Thursday’s favorite game? A: Almost there!
  • Q:Why do Thursdays make terrible detectives? A: Because they always follow the clues to the weekend!
  • Q:Why did the banana go to the doctor on Thursday?   A: Because it wasn’t peeling well.
  • Q:What did the birthday girl say on her birthday? A: It’s not Thursday it’s my day!
  • Q:Why did Han go shopping on Thursday? A: Because the prices were Solo.
  • Q:What did the Cyclops say every Thursday afternoon? A: Eye can’t wait ’til tomorrow afternoon!
  • Q:Why did Thursday go to therapy? A: It was suffering from a serious case of almost-Friday syndrome!
  • Q:Why did the dog go to obedience school on Thursday? A: To get ready for the weekend fetch games.
  • Q:Why did Thursday get a trophy? A: For being the best weekday teaser!
  • Q:What do you call a Thursday with a sense of humor? A “fun”-day!
  • Q:What do you call a Thursday that wants to be a Saturday? A: Wishful thinking.
  • Q:What did Monday say to Thursday? You’re just a show-off, always close to the weekend!
  • Q:Why did Thursday bring a ladder to the library? A: Because it wanted to go to the next chapter!
  • Q:Why did the bird refuse to fly on Thursday? A: It was waiting for Fry-day!
  • Q:Do skeletons like Thursday jokes? A: Of course. They find them very humerus.
  • Q:Why did the elephant wear a tutu on Thursday?A: It was attending a trunk show.
  • Q:What’s the best thing to do on a Thursday morning? A: Sleep in, and dream about the weekend.
  • Q:What did the Iceberg say to the Romaine on Thursday? A: Lettuce celebrate!
  • Q:Why did Thursday wear headphones? A: To tune into the weekend vibes!
  • Thursdays are the universe’s way of saying, A: “Hang on, fun’s coming!”
  • Q:Why did Thursday get a medal? A: For being the best weekday cheerleader!
  • Q:Why did Thursday go to the doctor? A: Because it was feeling a bit weak!
  • Q:Why did the chicken cross the road on Thursday? A: To get to the weekend on the other side.
  • Q:Why shouldn’t farmers hold a meeting on Thursday? A: None of them will turnip.
  • Q:What do cows do on Thursday nights? A: Go to the mooooooovies.
  • Q:Do you want to get a sundae? A: No thanks, it’s only Thursday.
  • Q:What’s Thursday’s favorite candy? A: Almost-Friday Fudge!
  • Q:Why did Thursday join the gym? A: To get in shape for the weekend!
  • Q:Why can’t Thursday be the most depressing day of the week? A: Wait two days, it Q:will be a sadder day.
  • Q:Why did Thursday apply for a promotion? A: It wanted to be Friday.
  • Q:Why did the tomato go to work on Thursday? A: It needed to ketchup on some projects.
  • Q:Why did Thursday get in trouble at the bakery? A: Because it kneaded more time to rise!
  • Q:Why did the giraffe have a long face on Thursday? A: Because it was a long way from the weekend.
  • Q:What’s a chiropractor’s busiest day? A: Throwback Thursday.
  • Q:What’s the best thing about Thursdays? A: Knowing that Friday is just one day away.
  • Q:What do they call Thanksgiving in Italy? A:  Thursday.
  • Q:Which day of the week sees the highest sales of soft drinks? A: Thurst-day.
  • Q:Why did the calendar apply for a job on Thursday? A: Because it wanted to work all year round!
  • Q:Why did the calendar go to therapy on Thursday? A: Because it had a midweek crisis.
  • Q:What is the bright side of Thursday? A:  It happens only once a week.
  • Q:Why didn’t Thursday the 12th worry about Friday the 13th? A: Because it’s bad luck to be superstitious.
  • Q:What’s Thursday’s favorite dance? A: The almost-Friday shuffle!
  • Q:Why was Thursday always the comedian’s favorite day? A: Because it had the best punchlines!
  • Q: What’s the best way to celebrate a Thursday? A: By having a Thirsty Thursday happy hour.

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