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Valentine’s Day Bingo is the perfect game to add some fun to your Valentine’s festivities, both at home and in the classroom. Both kids and adults will love these adorable bingo cards. Simply download and print. Before you know it, you’ll be playing in a snap!

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With Valentine’s Day coming soon, teachers and kids are preparing for classroom parties. This Valentine’s Bingo game is great for entertaining kids and adults. These colorful bingo cards are the perfect game to add to your Valentine’s party. Get ready to play simply by purchasing these bingo cards today!

Valentine’s Day Bingo

I loved playing bingo with my family as a kid. It is a tradition I have carried on with my own family. We even keep a little box of prizes that our kids can pick from when they win. 

These Valentine-themed bingo cards are a perfect alternative to the traditional bingo game. The cute pictures are easy to identify and great for both younger and older children.

Whether it’s for a small family get together or a classroom party, this easy game takes little effort to prepare while bringing joy to all who play. Bingo is a game that will always be inclusive in classroom settings and at home. It is because bingo is perfect for kids and adults of all ages.

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How to Play Valentine Bingo

Bingo is easy to set up and easily played in any setting. With this kid-friendly format suitable for all ages, you’ll be having fun in no time.

  • Purchase and download the 8 valentine’s day bingo cards. Print at home or send to your local printing store. 
  • You will also need to print and cut the calling card squares that are located on the last page of the Valentine Bingo PDF.
  • Find something that can be used as markers on the bingo cards. I recommend using candy hearts, M&M’s, or small cut-out paper hearts.
  • Provide each person with a bingo card and markers to use with their cards. Remember to have everyone put a marker on their “Free Space.”
  • The caller will then draw a card, then describe and show the picture to everyone playing. The players will then mark their cards.
  • The first player to get five markers in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) and yells “Bingo!” wins.
  • After a player wins, the cards can be cleared to start a new game.

Tips for Using Valentine Bingo

  • While printer paper works, bingo cards will look much better and last longer on cardstock. 
  • To make your bingo cards even more kid-proof, I recommend laminating them. Dry-erase markers make a great alternative bingo marker for laminated bingo cards.
  • Keep playing after the first player has won for a round of blackout bingo. The first player to fill their entire card is the winner of the blackout round.
  • Consider having prizes for the winners. Here are some ideas:
    • Valentine Candy Bouquet
    • Valentine Stickers
    • Heart Paper Crown
    • Heart Glasses

Benefits of Playing Bingo

You’ll find so many benefits from playing bingo with your family.

  • Helps encourage laughter
  • Promotes self-regulation
  • Allows for practicing listening skills
  • Fosters fine motor skills
  • Cultivates good sportsmanship when winning and losing
  • Encourages cooperative play
  • Increases social interaction with others

What’s Included in Valentine Bingo

  • Eight bingo cards – each is a little different, but not different enough to not have multiple winners if you decide to play blackout bingo.
  • Calling card sheet – you will have one page of calling card squares that need to be cut out to use as your drawing pile for the caller.

Can I use these Valentine Bingo Cards in the classroom?

Yes, you can use these bingo cards in the classroom. When playing bingo with an entire class, it helps to divide the kids into small teams so you can use the eight cards for the classroom.

How to Print Your Valentine Bingo Cards

You will want to print these on heavy-weight cardstock at home. You can also print them at a local print shop. It is pretty low-cost to get them printed that way if you choose that option.

Laminating your bingo cards is also something to consider to make them more durable.

Printable Valentine Bingo Game Boards

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