8 Jolly Christmas Bingo Cards Free Printable

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Christmas time is such a magical time of the year. This Christmas bingo game is a festive way to keep kids busy during the holiday season. Perfect for playing at home, in the classroom, or at parties. Easy to use, just download and print.  

Christmas Bingo

In our house, we love playing bingo. It is always a great way to spend quality time as a family that is pretty chill. Not only that it helps us get in the holiday spirit as we pull out our themed bingo games like Halloween bingo, Fall bingo and of course Christmas bingo once December hits! 

Bingo is a game that everyone can play together, from toddlers to teenagers, especially when there is a festive prize you can win each round. Prizes can be something simple like a favorite candy bar or getting to pick the movie for family movie night. Christmas is about being together and celebrating. This Christmas bingo is a perfect way to do that. 

This Christmas Bingo has 8 festive cards. Perfect for family game nights, Christmas parties, and the classroom.  There is hardly any work to do to prepare for this game. Just download, print, and start playing. Perfect for those last-minute situations. 

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How to Play Bingo

Christmas Bingo is not only engaging for all ages, it’s also effortless to play. I love that you can play with a small group or a large crowd. Play it anywhere–home, school, church, or any party. 

  • First, you just need to download and print the 8 different bingo cards. Laminating the card is an excellent idea so you can play it again and again. Be sure to cut out all your calling card squares. 
  • You also need some markers to put on the bingo cards. You can use anything from buttons, candy, stickers, paper shapes, or anything you have at hand. Don’t forget to give each player a bingo card and place a marker on the “Free Space!”
  • The caller will draw a card out of the draw pile and tell everyone what it is. Everyone will mark that square if it is on their card. 
  • The first person or team to get 5 in a row (Horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) wins!
  • After a player wins, clear the cards and play again. 

Benefits of Playing Bingo

  • Encourages Laughter
  • Helps with listening skills
  • Helps with self-regulation
  • Teaches Comprehension
  • Helps with fine motor skills
  • Increases social engagements
  • It helps with hand-eye coordination
  • Teamwork if working with a team

Give Away Prizes!

I love to give prizes to the winners of our bingo games, even if I’m just playing with my family! It is a great way to get everyone excited to play, especially my teenagers. You can even let them pick out what the prize will be. Prizes can be picking out what’s for dinner or a special homemade treat.

If you have a big group, you may want to get a bit more creative and have Christmas-themed prizes!  Some of my favorite prizes are sugar cookie cutters, a hot chocolate kit, a little DIY snowglobe, or even an ugly sweater ornament kit!  The dollar selections of stores are an excellent resource for cute inexpensive prizes. 

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Can I use these Christmas BIngo Cards in the classroom?

Yes, you can use these in the classroom. If you are playing as an entire class, you will want to break them into small groups to play; that way, you can use the eight cards for the whole classroom.

How to Print your Christmas Bingo Cards

You will want to print these bingo cards on heavy-weight cardstock or at your local print shop. It is relatively inexpensive to get them printed if you go that route.

 Print on cardstock or laminate them for added durability.

Printable Christmas Bingo Game Boards

Be sure to grab your Christmas bingo sets here. There are three different game variations, so you will want to choose which color you would like with the drop-down menu. Or you can get the red border bingo game by signing up for our email list below.

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