60+ Winter Charades Ideas + Printable Cards

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Winter Charades is a fun and entertaining game to play with all of your friends and family. It’s the perfect ice breaker activity that gets everyone laughing and having a great time. Just download your winter charades cards and get playing in no time. 

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Winter Charades

I’ve made so many memories with my friends and family playing Charades over the years! I remember as a little kid getting so excited when it was my turn to act out the clue for my team to guess. 

Charades is an easy game that helps get you out of your comfort zone and just lets you have fun with those you are playing with! Whether we are playing verb charades or winter charades, it is pretty much-guaranteed fun for everyone.  It has helped me get to know my loved ones better. I love that through a fun game of charades you know who the silly ones are, the serious ones, and the competitive ones are. And let me tell you having one of each of these on your team is the best combination. 

If you are playing this in the classroom you definitely want to pair it with verb charades  for even more fun! 

Why I love Winter Charades

Winter Charades is a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a great way to include everyone no matter their age or personality!  

Charades is a game that will help bring out everyone’s fun personalities! No matter the category there are plenty of topics and ideas for charades that will give everyone a good laugh! 

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Supplies Needed to Play Winter Charades

The thing that is great about winter charades is that you don’t need much to play! This is a list of helpful things that might come in handy for winter charades. 

  • Winter charades printable cards
  • A bowl or basket to keep the cards in while playing
  • Timer, use an hourglass timer so everyone can see it. 
  • Dry erase board / marker to keep score. 

How to Play Charades

  • First, divide everyone into groups. You can play in groups or in one big group. 
  • Next, decide which team will go first and who will be the first actor.
  • The first person  will pick an idea from the Winter Charades card.
  • This player will then act out the clue for their team. They will have 60 seconds (or another agreed upon time) to act out their winter charade idea. If their team guesses it within the 60 seconds their team earns a point! If they don’t the other team has one guess to try and steal the point. 
  • It is now the other team’s turn to go. Each team takes turns acting and guessing until all the clues are used up or until the team reaches a predetermined amount of points. 

Tips For Playing Winter Charades

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Here are a few tips and strategies to help you have a great time and master the game of Charades! 

  • Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone! You will find that being silly is part of this game. 
  • Keep your acting simple.
  • Establish the rules before you start the game. Making sure everyone understands the rules helps the game run more smoothly. Being on the same page about the rules will help the game run smoothly.
  • Be sure to not shout out a guess when it is not your team’s turn. You don’t want to help the other team score a point. 
  • The most important tip is to have fun! Spending time with friends and family  is always meaningful when everyone is having a great time! 

Ideas For Winter Charades 

  1. Ice Ice Baby
  2. Walking on Thin Ice
  3. Skiing
  4. Break The Ice
  5. Bundle Up
  6. Catching Snowflakes on Your Tounge
  7. Snowball Fight
  8. Drinking Hot Chocolate 
  9. Snow Angel
  10. Sledding
  11. Building a Snowman
  12. Slipping on a Patch of Ice
  13. Snowshoeing
  14. Dog Sledding
  15. Warming by the Fire
  16. Putting on a Coat
  17. Frostbite
  18. Ice Fishing
  19. Snow Tubing
  20. Black Ice
  21. Shoveling Snow
  22. Going on a Sleigh Ride
  23. Ice Skating
  24. Cross Country Skiing
  25. Writing Messages in the Snow
  26. Scraping Ice on Car Windshield
  27. Icicles
  28. Frozen (movie) 
  29. Blizzard
  30. Penguin
  31. Snow Globe
  32. Marshmallows
  33. Ski LIft
  34. Coat 
  35. Mittens
  36. Ice Hockey
  37. Winter Break
  38. Snowman
  39. Snowboarding
  40. Warm Socks
  41. Snowball
  42. Jack Frost
  43. Holidays
  44. Scarf
  45. Winter Wonderland
  46. Hot Apple Cider
  47. Fireplace
  48. Cold
  49. Peppermint Hot Chocolate
  50. Baby It’s Cold Outside 
  51. Igloo
  52. Plaid
  53. Let it Snow
  54. Frosty the Snowman
  55. Moose
  56. Chop Wood
  57. The North Pole
  58. Making Cookies
  59. Bells
  60. The Polar Express
  61. Snow angel
  62. Penguin
  63. Earmuffs
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