100 Occupation Charades Ideas + Downloadable Cards

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Looking for something new for game night? Try our Occupation Charades! It’s so much fun, and perfect for groups of any age or size! Grab your printable cards today! 

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Occupation Charades

Do your kids love to talk about what they want to be when they grow up? With so many interesting and exciting occupations out there, it’s so hard for a kid to decide! 

Our Occupation Charades game makes it so much fun to explore the many different kinds of jobs people do in our community! 

Your family will have a blast acting out each card!

Some of my favorite family memories are from playing charades together! We love to get silly and make each other laugh with our actions! 

It’s also fun to get a little bit competitive and have a prize for the winning team! 

We’ve had so much fun playing Dinosaur Charades and Verb Charades, and of course, we love Occupation Charades! I know your family will love it too, so be sure to grab it today and start playing!

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Why I Love Charades

Family game night is so easy when you play charades! 

There’s very little setup or cleanup needed, so you can spend all your time having fun together! 

Just print out these cards, grab your family or friends, and you are all set! 

Charades is easy to understand and play, which makes it great for the whole family. Preschoolers, teens, and adults can all have so much fun together! 

Charades is also versatile and great for small or large groups. 

It can be played in almost any setting, whether at home, at a party with friends, at school, or even at a family reunion! 

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How to Play Occupation Charades

  • Divide into at least two teams. If your group is very large, you may want to form multiple teams.
  • Decide which team will go first. You can flip a coin, play paper-rock-scissors, or create your own silly method! The choice is yours! 
  • The first team has one person (the actor) choose a card and act it out. Remember, you can’t use your mouth at all to make sounds or mouth words! The rest of the team has one minute to guess. If they guess correctly, they get a point! 
  • If they don’t guess it correctly, the other team has a chance to guess it and steal the point. There’s only one chance, so make sure the whole team agrees before you guess! 
  • The game is over when you’ve run out of cards, when everyone has had a turn, or you’ve reached a predetermined amount of points. Whoever has the highest points wins!

Tips and Tricks for Playing Occupation Charades

  • It’s a good idea to go over the rules and make sure everyone understands them before you start playing! This can help avoid any confusion during the game. 
  • Using a timer makes it easier to keep track of each turn.
  • Don’t forget that actors can use their hands to indicate how many words their team should guess.
  • Don’t be shy! Get into the fun of acting out each card, and don’t be afraid to be a little silly!
  • Print your cards on cardstock and laminate them so you can use them over and over again!
Back of ocupation  charades cards with clues. Pictures of occupation on cards.

Grab your Occupation Charades Cards 

Ready to get your Occupation Charades printable cards and start playing? Grab them right here! 

Occupation Charades List

  1. Accountant
  2. Doctor
  3. Dentist
  4. Nurse
  5. Grocery store clerk
  6. Architect
  7. Baker
  8. Influencer
  9. Mechanic
  10. Plumber
  11. Actor
  12. Teacher
  13. Librarian
  14. Mayor
  15. President of the United States
  16. Police officer
  17. Firefighter
  18. Lawyer
  19. Hair dresser
  20. Electrician
  21. Waiter / Waitress
  22. Carpenter
  23. Butcher
  24. Veterinarian
  25. Pilot
  26. Farmer
  27. Construction worker
  28. Soldier
  29. Secretary
  30. CEO
  31. Train conductor
  32. Taxi Driver / Uber Driver
  33. Personal Shopper
  34. Cook
  35. Fisherman
  36. Gardener
  37. Judge
  38. Editor
  39. Journalist
  40. Coach
  41. Painter
  42. Mason
  43. Mailman
  44. Singer
  45. Goldsmith
  46. Seamstress
  47. Telephone operator
  48. Flight Attendant
  49. Aircraft Mechanic
  50. Ambulance Driver
  51. Dog trainer
  52. Horse trainer
  53. Realtor
  54. Crossing guard
  55. Audiologist
  56. Cardiologist
  57. Bank Teller
  58. Fast food worker
  59. Dental hygienist
  60. Dancer
  61. Bicycle repairer
  62. car salesman
  63. Cabinet maker
  64. Photographer
  65. Videographer
  66. Tile Installer
  67. Preschool Teacher
  68. Preacher
  69. Hotel Clerk
  70. Swim instructor
  71. Computer programmer
  72. Pizza Delivery man / girl
  73. Dishwaher
  74. Psychologist
  75. Medical Assistant
  76. Surgeon
  77. Designer
  78. Floor installer
  79. Fitness trainer
  80. Music Director
  81. House keeper
  82. Insurance Agent
  83. Life guard
  84. Nanny
  85. Midwife
  86. Optometrist
  87. Pest contoller
  88. Detective
  89. Truck Driver
  90. Pool Builder
  91. Telemarketers
  92. Travel Agent
  93. Delivery driver
  94. Disneyland employee
  95. Tutor
  96. Video game designer
  97. Woodworker
  98. Zoologist
  99. Baseball coach
  100. Pediatrician
back of ocupation charades cards with space images and clues.

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