The Best 4th of July Charades + Downloadable Cards

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Your next game night will explode with fun when you get out our 4th of July Charades! Your family will have such a blast playing this fun acting-and-guessing game together! 

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4th of July Charades

Independence Day is one of my family’s favorite days of the year! We love to have a picnic with our friends and family, and then wait for it to get dark so the fireworks can begin! 

These printable 4th of July Charades cards are just what you need to keep the fun going until you see those big booming fireworks in the sky! 

You’ll have so much fun laughing together as you act out and guess each patriotic card! 

Charades is a great family game, whether you are at home or on the go. 

There are no little pieces or game boards to fuss with, so you can have fun playing anywhere! 

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Why I Love Charades

Charades is the perfect game when you need an easy game night! 

My family loves to get out our charades cards at the end of a busy day because it’s so quick to set up. 

All you need are these printable charades cards, and you are ready to start playing! 

Whether you are playing with young kids, teens, or adults, charades is easily adapted to any age. 

The rules are easy to follow, which makes this game simple and fun for everyone! You can play it in small or large groups, and in almost any setting! 

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How to Play 4th of July Charades

You can play 4th of July Charades the same way you would play most other charades games! Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Divide into two or more teams. If your group is very large, you may want to form multiple teams to help things go more smoothly.
  • Determine which team will go first. You choose your favorite way to decide! You can flip a coin, have a thumb wrestle, or create your own silly method!
  • The first team’s actor chooses a card and acts it out. Remember, no talking! Be careful to not use your mouth at all to make sounds or mouth the words. The rest of the team has one minute to guess. If they guess correctly, they get a point! 
  • If they don’t guess correctly, the other team has a chance to guess it and steal that point. There’s only one chance, so you’ll want to make sure to discuss it as a team before you make your guess. 
  • The game is ended when you’ve run out of cards, when everyone has had a turn, or when you’ve reached a predetermined amount of points. Whoever has the highest points wins! Why not celebrate with some prizes or treats?

Tips and Tricks for Playing 4th of July Charades

  • It’s smart to go over the rules before you start playing. Making sure everyone understands them will help you avoid confusion or frustration during the game.
  • Don’t forget that actors can use their hands! It can be helpful to hold up fingers to tell your team how many words to guess.
  • Don’t be afraid to be a little silly! You’ll have more fun, and your team might be more successful at guessing! 
  • Using a timer makes it easier to keep track of each turn.
  • Print your cards on cardstock and laminate them so you can use them over and over again!
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Grab your 4th of July Charades 

Ready to get your 4th of July Charades printable cards? Grab them right here!

4th of July Charades List

  1. Anthem
  2. Friendship
  3. Battle
  4. Picnic
  5. Band
  6. Liberty
  7. Pie
  8. Stars
  9. Parks
  10. July
  11. America
  12. Hamburgers
  13. Flag
  14. Red
  15. Freedom
  16. White House
  17. Baked Beans
  18. Bonfire
  19. Bottle Rockets
  20. Celebration
  21. Family Reunion
  22. Carnival
  23. Uncle Sam
  24. Ballot
  25. Marching Band
  26. Bald Eagle
  27. Veteran
  28. Blue
  29. Soccer
  30. Music
  31. July 4th
  32. Parade
  33. Battlefield
  34. Baseball
  35. Fireworks
  36. Sparklers
  37. Stripes
  38. Patriotic
  39. Independence Day
  40. Apple Pie
  41. Barbecue
  42. Hotdog
  43. Ice Cream
  44. Band
  45. S’mores
  46. Eagle
  47. 1776
  48. Football
  49. Marines
  50. Firecrackers
  51. Picnic Basket
  52. Watermelon
  53. Benjamin Franklin
  54. Liberty Bell
  55. Senate
  56. God Bless America
  57. Festival
  58. Ribs
  59. Sparklers
  60. Summer
  61. Holiday
  62. Lincoln
  63. Balloons
  64. Pinwheel
  65. Potato Salad
  66. Corn On Cob
  67. Yankee Doodle
  68. Thirteen Colonies
  69. Soda
  70. Barbecue Grill
  71. Lemonade
  72. Sunglasses
  73. Ladybug
  74. Soccer Ball
  75. USA
  76. Salute
  77. Unity
  78. Bravery
  79. Battle
back of 4th of July charades cards with 4th of July images and clues.

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