Best Mother’s Day Charades Ideas + Printable Cards

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Every year, all I want for Mother’s Day is to spend time with my kids, and this Mother’s Day Charades game is the perfect way to have fun with your family! I love that I get all my kids gathered around, laughing with one another. I couldn’t ask for a better Mother’s Day! Just download print and being playing. 

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Mother’s Day Charades

Charades are a favorite way to celebrate any holiday or season in my house. Whether it’s Spring Charades or St. Patrick’s Day Charades, my family loves celebrating with a quick game of charades. 

Mother’s Day is a great time of the year to stop and honor the mothers in our lives, and these Mother’s Day Charades ideas are the perfect way to remember all that your mother does for you. 

Charades are the perfect addition to your family celebrations because they get everyone talking and laughing. Your kids are going to love having the spotlight while they are acting out a fun idea, and you are going to love having your kids gathered around, playing together. 

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Why I Love Charades Games

Charades are some of our favorite games for so many reasons. First and most importantly, they are so fun! My family loves laughing and acting out the charades ideas together. Sometimes we forget to keep score because we are having so much fun! 

Another reason charades are so fun is because it allows your family to work together in teams. Learning how to work in a group is an awesome life lesson and your family is going to love working together toward a common goal. 

Charades are also really great at getting shy kids to open up and play. When everyone is being silly and feeling goofy, it helps shy kids to open up and participate. 

How To Play Charades

One of the best things about charades is that it’s so easy to play— no fancy materials or long set up. 

Simply add your Mother’s Day charades cards to a bowl and take turns acting out the prompts for your team. You have 1 minute to guess the clue your teammate is trying to act. If you get the prompt correct within the time your team gets 1 point. If you team doe snot guess correctly, then the other team gets one guess to get the right answer. If they guess correctly, then they get a point. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the game wins! It’s as easy as that! 

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Benefits Of Charades

Playing charades as a family has so many benefits! 

  • Your kids will practice their communication skills in a fun and simple way. 
  • Kids learn to work together as a team and healthy competition.
  • Everyone in your family will have fun and laugh with each other! 

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Tips And Tricks 

  • If you think this game is going to be a hit with your family, print your cards on cardstock and laminate them so they’re sturdy and reusable. 
  • Set a timer and give one of your kids the responsibility of timekeeping.
  • Divide into two teams, or have smaller teams of 2 people. 
  • Add hats, scarves or other fun props for even more fun! 
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Mother’s Day Charades Ideas

We know that life is busy and there are so many things to do. Family games shouldn’t be complicated. Simply grab our Mother’s Day Charades cards, print, cut and you’re ready to start playing in minutes! 

  1. Scrubbing the Tiles
  2. Making Lunch
  3. Dusting
  4. Cleaning Spray
  5. Cleaning the Kids’ Room
  6. Do Ironing
  7. Do Laundry
  8. Hang up the Clothes
  9. Load the Dishwasher
  10. Making Breakfast
  11. Polishing the Furniture
  12. Vacuuming
  13. Mom Picking Up Toys
  14. Picking up the Books
  15. Putting Away Groceries
  16. Watering the Garden
  17. Watering Indoor Plants
  18. Mom Feeds Pets
  19. Mom Choosing Meals
  20. Vacuuming the Floors
  21. Cleans the Bathroom Sink
  22. Scrubbing Tubs
  23. Removing Items from Countertops
  24. Cleaning the Stovetop
  25. Cleaning Out the Fridge
  26. Throwing Away Food That’s Gone Bad
  27. Washing Out Containers
  28. Changing the Sheets
  29. Sorting Mail
  30. Making a Grocery List
  31. Visiting the Store
  32. Cleaning Inside of Kitchen Cabinets
  33. Scrubbing Out the Fridge
  34. Reorganizing the Pantry
  35. Wiping Down the Pantry
  36. Wiping Cupboards in the Kitchen
  37. Wiping Medicine Cabinets
  38. Wiping Windows
  39. Folding Clean Clothes
  40. Clearing the Table
  41. Walking the Pets
  42. Preparing Lunches for School
  43. Disinfecting the Kitchen Area
  44. Defrosting the Refrigerator
  45. Grooming the Pets
  46. Cleaning Window Blinds
  47. Decluttering Old Items
  48. Mowing the Lawn
  49. Taking Out the Trash
  50. Washing the Windows
  51. Washing the Dishes
  52. Mom Mops the Floors
  53. Turning on the Stove
  54. Mom Sweeps the Floors

I hope your family has so much fun with these Mother’s Day Charades Cards. When your family uses them, be sure to tag #easyfamilyfun when you post about them so we can see all the fun you had together. 

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