Set of 8 Festive Thanksgiving Bingo Cards

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Ready for a fun Thanksgiving game to play with your friends and family? This Thanksgiving bingo game is just what you are looking for! Just download, print, and start playing in no time! 

6 cards for playing Thanksgving bingo with yellow borders and small square with images like pumpkins, turkeys, piligrims and native americans.

During the holidays, we are always looking for fun games to play with the family. One of our favorites is always bingo. 

Thanksgiving bingo is always a great option because it keeps everyone engaged and doesn’t require reading. Everyone can easily play together.  Celebrate all that makes Thanksgiving unique and what we are grateful for in these fun Thanksgiving-themed bingo cards.

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Grab your printable cards today for your Thanksgiving family party.

Thanksgiving Bingo

We love bingo because it takes very little prep. All you have to do is download and print the cards, and you are ready to play in no time.

This Thanksgiving-themed game is a great alternative to the classic game of bingo.

Finding something to entertain a dynamic group of people can be challenging. Thanksgiving gatherings can be hectic, but this simple game will bring even the biggest crowd to a simple, fun, enjoyable atmosphere, especially when you come up with some super epic prizes they can’t wait to win!  

Bingo, especially picture bingo, is the answer for entertaining a group of all ages.

Example of the bingo cards with the text that reads, "Include 8 Thanksgiving Themed Bingo Cards + Calling Cards!"

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Thanksgiving Bingo Card with images of pilgrims, Native Americans, corn, flowers, fruits, turkeys, and food.

How to Play Thanksgiving Bingo

Bingo is easy to play and adaptable for children of all ages and levels.

  • Start by downloading and printing these bingo cards.
  • Grab some markers for the cards and put them in a bowl to draw from. I recommend M&Ms, Pom Pom balls, or pieces of paper.
  • Pass out a bingo card to everyone who is playing.
  • Place all the calling cards face down on the table or in a bowl.
  • All the players can place a maker on the “free space” on their cards.
  • The caller will draw a card and then show and announce what it is to everyone.
  • If the player has that picture on the bingo card, they can place a maker on it.
  • The first player to get 5 markers in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) yells, “Bingo!” The first person that calls it out and has all the right pictures covered wins!
  • You can then clear the cards and play again & again.
Example of bingo cards with the texts that reads, "Perfect for families, classroom parties, and Thanksgiving gatherings!"

Tips for Using Thanksgiving Bingo

  • I recommend using cardstock because it holds up much better and looks better.  
  • To help make them more durable I recommend that you laminate the cards.  
  • If you laminate the cards, you can even use dry erase markers to mark the cards.
  • Prizes always add to the fun. Here’s a list of suggested Prizes that make playing even more fun. 
    • Thanksgiving Stickers
    • Thanksgiving Glasses
    • Turkey Hat
    • Turkey Jerky

Benefits of Playing Bingo

There are so many benefits of playing bingo with kids

  • It encourages laughter
  • It helps develop self-regulation
  • It teaches good sportsmanship, both winning and losing
  • Helps with fine motor skills
  • It is a fun way to learn to play games, take turns and follow directions.
  • It is a fun way for social engagements
  • It helps with hand-eye coordination
  • It improves concentration
Example of the bingo cards with a yellow border and small squares with cute animals, pumpkins, pilgrims, Native Americans, and food.

What’s Included in Thanksgiving Bingo

  • Eight bingo cards-each is a little different but not different enough to not have multiple winners if you decide to play blackout bingo. 
  • Calling card sheet. There is one page of calling card squares you will need to cut out and use as your drawing pile for the caller. 

Can I use these Thanksgiving Bingo Cards in the classroom?

Yes, you can use these bingo cards in the classroom. If you are playing as an entire class, you will want to break up the kids into small groups to play so that you can use the eight cards for the classroom. 

Testimonial of the bingo cards from three people with an image of the thanksgiving-themed bingo cards. Texts that state that they come in color and black and white and perfect for kids of all ages.

How to Print Your Thanksgiving Bingo Cards

You will want to print these on heavy-weight cardstock at home or at your local print shop. It is pretty inexpensive to get them printed if you choose to do that. 

You may want to also laminate them for added durability. 

Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Game Boards

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There are three different versions to choose from when purchasing it, so you will want to choose your favorite variation from the drop-down menu. 

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