205 Awesome Bee Jokes To Make You LOL

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They make us honey, they pollinate flowers and trees and they can also make us laugh! I’m talking about everyone’s favorite black and yellow bug, the bumblebee! These bee jokes will really get your family buzzing with laughter. 

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Jokes are a great way to connect with your kids and have fun together. I love adding one to my child’s lunchbox each day! Here’s a list of real stingers for you to enjoy with all your favorite honey bees, from the queen all the way down to the pupae. These jokes are great for all ages and stages! 

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Blue background with White text that reads Bee Jokes with an image of a cartoon bee on it

Bee Jokes

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  • What’s a bee’s favorite gemstone? Ru-bees!
  • What’s a bee’s favorite vegetable? Beetroot.
  • What’s a bee’s favorite TV show? Never Mind the Buzzcocks
  • What’s a bee’s favorite band? Buzzted.
  • What’s an older bee’s favorite band? The Beegees!
  • What is a bee’s favorite Spice Girls single? Wanna-bee!
  • What’s a bee’s favorite snack? Beescuits!
  • Who’s a bee’s favorite singer? Sting.
  • What’s a bee’s favorite novel?  The Great Gats-bee.
  • What’s a bee’s favorite meal? Buzzle and squeak.
  • What’s a bee’s favorite song? Don’t Stop Beelieving. 
  • What’s a bee’s favorite movie quote? “I could tell you, but then I’d hive to kill you”
  • How does the bee groom its hair? With a honey-comb!
  • What did the bee say to the beautiful flower? “Hey, honey!”
  • When do bees get married? When they’ve found their honey!
  • What does the bee say to his honey? I love you to the moon and bee-yond.
  • How does a bee know when he’s found his honey? His heart bee-ts faster!
  • Where do bees keep their savings? In a honey box.
  • What happens when a bee burps near the queen? He gets a royal pardon.
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  • The bee cooked for his lover. He wanted her to hive a bite to eat!
  • What did the bee say to his love? “Honey, you’re the bees’ knees.”
  • What did the bee say to his wife? “Honey, you look beautiful.” 
  • Why doesn’t the bee like honey? He has a pho-bee-a!
  • What do bees use for energy? Flower power.
  • Where do bees go on holiday? To the bee-ch!
  • What do you call clumsy bees? Fumble bees!
  • Why do bees hum?  Because they can’t remember the words.
  • Why were the bees not at school? It was an insect day!
  • What do you do with an injured bee? Take it to the waspital!
  • What do you call a bee crossed with a frog? An amphi-bee-an!
  • What does the scam caller bee say? “I’ve bee-n trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty!”
  • Why was the car angry? He had a bee in his bonnet!
  • Why did the bee go to a dermatologist? He had hives.
  • What’s an optimistic bumblebee’s blood type? Bee positive!
  • Why did the bee go to the hospital? He was beeten up. 
  • What did the bee say to the baby flower?  “Hey bud!”
  • What do you do with a bee outside your front door? Buzz him in!
  • What do you call a bee that’s a bad loser? It’s a cry ba-bee!
  • Why does the bee enjoy being a dentist? Because he likes pollen teeth!
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  • How do you contact a bee? Give him a buzz.
  • What’s a baby bee called? A little hum-bug. 
  • What do you call a ghost bee? A boo bee.
  • What do bees learn at nursery? Their A Bee Cs!
  • What do you call a bee that works for the government?  A pollentician.
  • Why did the bee go to the dermatologist? It had hives.
  • Where do worker bees go on vacation? Sting-apore.
  • What does the queen bee say to the worker bees? You should bee more productive.
  • Why do bees like to watch the news? To keep up with the buzz!
  • Why do bees do well in marketing? They know all the buzzwords.
  • What do you call a bee at the back of a race? Far bee-hind!
  • Which car do bees like to drive? A bee-tle.
  • How do bees look after each other? They take each other under their wings!
  • How do bees celebrate a new hive? By throwing a house-swarming party!
  • What kind of bees live in cemeteries? Zombees!
  • What do you call an indecisive bee? A may-bee!
  • What do you call it when bees think together? A hive-mind!
  • Why was the bee hurt when his love broke up with him? Because break-ups sting!
  • What’s the best life advice? Just bee yourself!
  • Where do bees catch the bus? At a buzz stop!
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  • Why was the bee fed up with his friend? He was being a pain in the nec-tar!
  • What’s a bee’s voicemail message? “Leave your message after the bee!”
  • Why did the bee deliver a cold pizza? He didn’t know where to buzz in.
  • How do bees make cakes? With eggs, sugar and flower!
  • What do bees like to eat with their sushi? Wasabee!
  • What’s a bee’s favorite band?  The Bee Gees
  • What’s your blood type?  Bee positive.
  • What’s a bee’s favorite sports?  Rug-bee.
  • What does a bee use to style its hair?  A honey comb. 
  • Why did the bee go to the doctor?  It had hives.
  • What’s a bee’s favorite haircut? A buzz cut. 
  • What did the teacher say to the naughty bee? Beehive yourself. 
  • What did the team do after it won? Celebrate with a hive five. 
  • Who is a bee’s favorite singer? Bee-yonce. 
  • What do you call a sore loser? A cry ba-bee. 
  • What do you call a bee who creates laws? A pollentician.
  • Why do bees hum when they’re singing? They don’t know the words.
  • What did the bee hear on the other end of the phone? A buzzy signal. 
  • Why do bees get married? Because they’ve found their honey. 
  • Why did the bees go on strike? They wanted fewer working flowers and more honey. 
  • What buzzes, is black and yellow, and goes along the bottom of the sea? A bee in a submarine.
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  • What is small, black and yellow, and drops things? A fumble bee.
  • What do you call a bee with messy hair? A Frizz-bee.
  • What goes zzub-zubb when it travels? A bee flying backward.
  • What would bears be without bees? Just ears.
  • What is a swarm of really small queen bees called? The royal wee.
  • Why did the bee go to the dermatologist? It had hives.
  • What music do bees like? Bee-bop, Bee-thoven, Bee-yoncé, The Bee-tles, Bee-stie Boys, Cros-bee, Stills, Nash & Young, or Justin Bee-ber? They like Sting.

Bee Puns and Pick Up Lines

  • You are fine. Bee Mine.
  • You are so hot, you make my colony collapse.
  • Gimme a buzz and I’ll bee yours.
  • We should grab a Bee-r sometime.
  • Are you honey? Because you are sweet and thick.
  • Babe, are you honey? Because I would like to spread you
  • Honey, bee careful!
  • A bee’s favorite part of marriage is the honeymoon!
  • The benefits of bees are un-bee-lievable!
  • The Queen was a force to bee reckoned with!
  • A bee that can’t stop eating will become a little chub-bee.
  • None of your beeswax!
  • An American bee is called a USB!
  • A bee flying backwards goes “zzub, zzub, zzub!”
  • Have you ever been to Stingapore?
  • To bee or not to bee, that is the question.
  • I’m just winging it.
  • Beehive yourself.
  • What did you say? You’re so mumble-bee.
  • I would like wasa-bee with my sushi. 
  • Leave me alone. I want to bee alone. 
  • You and I, we were meant to bee.
  • Quit pollen my leg. 
  • Did you get the syla-buzz for your classes?
  • She means bees-ness. 
  • Do you want to play frisbee?
  • Her favorite book is the Great Gats-bee. 
  • He loves a good free-bee. 
  • Can I have some bumble gum? 
  • Bee puns really sting. 
  • You’re so snob-bee. 
  • Hop on the school-buzz and go for a ride. 
  • Don’t forget to say hi to your honey. 
  • It’s time to take your Vitamin Bee. 
  • I want to cross-pollinate with you. 
  • Bee mine. 
  • You’re the bees knees. 
  • Just bee yourself. 
  • The last thing that goes through a bee’s mind when it hits a windshield is its stinger.
  • A bee’s favorite painter is Pablo Bee-casso. 
  • What’s all the buzz about? 
  • You’ve bee-witched me. 
  • Wasp on Earth are you talking about?  
  • Psst. I’m bee-hind you. 
  • Hey, mind your own beeswax. 
  • Did you know hive never felt this bee-fore? 
  • You’re not too shab-bee yourself. 
  • Do you want to come to our house-swarming party?
  • I feel like a zom-bee. 
  • Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder. 
  • Bees get ahead in life by knowing all the right buzzwords. 
  • She’s a force to bee reckoned with. 
  • Life is not all it’s cracked up to bee. 
  • He didn’t hive a clue. 
  • Honeycomb home now. It’s getting late. 
  • As luck would hive it, I got the promotion!
  • Talking to you feels like pollen teeth. 
  • Those bees got into a sticky situation. 
  • It’s party time, bee-ches. 
  • Look in the arc-hives. 
  • Sending you my swarmest wishes. 
  • I can’t bee-lieve I’ve pollen in love with you. 
  • I need to call my hub-bee. 
  • Buzz off. 
  • Bees love the honeymoon phase of a relationship. 
  • Bee the change you want to see in the world. 
  • Perhaps I’ve never seen a hummingbird, but I have seen a spelling bee. 
  • Honey, I’m stuck on you. 
  • Did you know that you’re bee-utiful. 
  • Everything will bee okay. 
  • Do you want to try my LG Bee Tea? 
  • I would rather bee reading. 
  • Don’t worry, bee happy. 
  • Beelieve in yourself. 
  • Won’t you bee my friend? 
  • If truth bee told, this is a lot of bee puns. 
  • Do I hive to paint you a picture to understand?
  • You need to hive your head examined. 
  • Let’s go to the beech. 
  • Honey, bee careful. 
  • That bee droned on and on. 
  • It sure is swarm out today. 
  • I’m feeling a bit of apiculture shock. 
  • Hive it your way. 
  • Take me under your wings. 
  • Have I told you about the birds and the bees?
  • Well, I’ll bee. 
  • Looks can bee deceiving. 
  • Honey, I’m home! 
  • Tap into that hive mind. 
  • You need to bee on your best beehive-ior. 
  • I don’t hive a clue. 
  • Beetween you and me, it’s time to buzz on out of here. 
  • Hive had enough of these funny bee puns. 
  • That pretentious wasp is just plain snob-bee!

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