60 Cool Sports Trivia Questions for Kids and Adults

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Are there any sports lovers in your home? These Sports Trivia Questions are sure to challenge their competitive spirits over these various sports. It will certainly liven up your family’s game night!

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Our family is certainly enthusiastic about trivia! Our love of random facts makes trivia games a fun way to see who knows the most. Whether it’s chick flick trivia, winter sports trivia, or the best family trivia games, we always find fun for the whole family when playing together. 

It’s why a sports trivia game like this one is so much fun. Liven your family trivia night up with these trivia questions on football, baseball, basketball, golf, hockey, and soccer. We hope your family has a good laugh along the way!

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Why I Love Trivia Games

I have found that trivia is more than just a fun way to bring our family together.

  • There’s just something satisfying and fun about learning something new! 
  • Often we love to just focus on playing rather than winning.
  • When we compete, it allows us to teach our children good sportsmanship.

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How to Play Trivia

There are endless ways to play a sports trivia game.

  • You can have one person read the questions and have each person or team compete to see who can answer fastest.
  • You can have two teams where each team takes a turn asking the other team the questions.
  • You could even play a game of catch as you play a trivia game. The person who is catching the ball next could be expected to answer.
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Benefits of Trivia Games

Trivia games have a lot of benefits for both parents and kids!

  • Your kids have the opportunity for cooperative play.
  • It is a fun way to spend time together as a family.
  • Both you and your kids get to learn new things as you go through the questions.
  • It helps foster memory recall.

Tips and Tricks

Sports trivia is a game you can play with your family with no planning at all. Though, there are a few things that you should consider first.

  • Don’t forget that you and your family get to set the rules. Focus on keeping it fun.
  • Keep in mind the time limits your family has to play the game.
  • Don’t forget to decide on how the winner is determined!
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Sports Trivia Questions

Love sports trivia? Get your list of sports trivia questions with all 60 questions in one printer-friendly PDF and get ready to have some fun on the go or grab our 60 sports trivia cards for your next trivia night!

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  • What is the name of the US professional football organization? National Football League (NFL)
  • How many players are on a soccer team? 11 players.
  • What is the name of the disc used to score goals in hockey? A puck.
  • How many holes can be found on a golf course? 18 holes.
  • How long is a typical baseball game? An average of 3 hours.
  • Which basketball team has violet, gray, and orange for their team colors? The Phoenix Suns.
  • What are the most points that have been scored in a single game by an NFL team? 73 points.
  • What is the most popular sport played in the world? Soccer.
  • Which player holds the record for the fastest hockey slapshot? Bobby Hulls, 118 miles per hour.
  • What country has banned golf three times in its history? Scotland.
  • What is the longest a MLB game has lasted? 8 hours 6 minutes.
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  • How wide is a basketball hoop? 18 inches.
  • How many downs does a team have to gain ten yards in football? 4 downs.
  • What is the name of a soccer field? The pitch.
  • How many players does a ice hockey team have on the ice at one time? 6 players.
  • What does a caddy do in golf? Carry the bag and clubs.
  • How many innings are played in a game of baseball? 9 innings.
  • How many basketball players can play on a court at one time? 5 players.
  • How many points is a touchdown worth? 6 points.
  • Which player on a soccer team can use their hands and arms? The goalkeeper.
  • What is the Stanley Cup? The National Hockey League playoff champion trophy.
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  • How old was Tiger Woods when he made his first hole-in-one? 8 years old.
  • What is the “sweet spot” on a baseball bat? The best area on a bat to hit a home run.
  • What are the number of steps a basketball player can take without dribbling the ball? 2 steps.
  • In what country were the earliest football games first played? England.
  • How long is a traditional soccer game? 90 minutes, divided over two 45 minute halves.
  • Which professional sports trophy has been used as a cereal bowl? The Stanley Cup.
  • What were golf balls originally made of? First, feathers and leather. Then, wood.
  • What is the record for the most home runs made in a baseball game? 4 home runs.
  • What kind of baskets were used before string baskets to play basketball? Peach baskets.
  • Which football team has a ram for a mascot? Los Angeles Rams
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  • What are the Laws of the Game in soccer? The rules followed in modern soccer.
  • What keeps hockey pucks from bouncing before an ice hockey game? The pucks are frozen.
  • What are the chances of making a hole-in-one in golf? 12,500 to 1.
  • Which MLB team has had the most Hall of Famers? The New York Yankees.
  • What kind of ball was the first basketball game played with? A soccer ball.
  • What is the most common way of scoring points in football? Through a passing touchdown.
  • How big is a standard soccer ball? 27 to 28 inches.
  • How wide is a hockey puck? 3 inches.
  • In what country was golf invented? Scotland.
  • How much does a baseball weigh? 5 to 5.25 ounces.
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  • How many players played on a team in the first basketball game? 9 players.
  • Which player on a football team catches the ball at kickoff? The quarterback.
  • Which sport holds a competition to win a trophy called the World Cup? Soccer.
  • What was the first hockey puck rumored to have been made of? Frozen cow dung.
  • What did golf players do to tee off before the invention of the golf tee? They placed golf balls on top of mounds of sand or dirt.
  • What is the most popular food to eat at a baseball game? Hotdogs.
  • Which famous basketball player paid fines to wear his shoes on the court? Michael Jordan.
  • What is a two-point conversion in football? A football play that is run after a touchdown near the goal line.
  • Where is the goalkeeper able to use their hands and arms in soccer? The penalty area.
  • How long is a North American ice rink? 200 feet long.
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  • How many dimples are there on the average golf ball? Between 300 to 500.
  • Who is the only woman who has been inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame? Effa Louise Manley.
  • Who was the first woman to be drafted in the NBA? Denise Long by the San Francisco Warriors.
  • What is the name of the NFL championship? The Super Bowl.
  • In which city is the Hockey Hall of Fame located? Toronto, Ontario.
  • During what season is a golf ball more likely to travel further? The summer.
  • What is the fastest time that a Major League Baseball game has been played? 51 minutes.
  • What was the NBA originally called when it was founded? Basketball Association of America (BAA).
  • Which soccer player is in the Guinness World records for the most goals scored? Pelé with 1,279 goals scored in 1,363 games.
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