110 Orca Puns

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We love puns here at our house – and what better way to enjoy family time than with some fun-filled orca puns? Whether you’re looking for some belly laughs or would rather laugh quietly in your own head, we’ve got the perfect ‘whale’ of a collection for you and your family!

orca puns to make you laugh out loud

Whether you love great puns like Cat Puns or Birthday Puns that everyone can appreciate, these enjoyable oceanic creatures have inspired us all. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of our favorite funny Orca Puns!

Orca Puns

  • Q: What’s it called when one fishes for orca? A podcast
  • |Q: How can you tell when there’s an orca under your bed? The ceiling is a lot closer.
  • Q: What did the gang of dolphins say to the orca? “Whale, whale, whale… Look what the tide brought in…”
  • Q: Who’s the tidiest of all the sea creatures? Personally, I think it’s the killer whales. They’re the best at orca-nizing
  • Have you met my Spanish killer whale? Mallorca?
  • I got caught stealing a killer whale made of mahogany. That’s orca wood.
  • Q: Why did the killer whale go to jail for stealing all the diamonds? He’s the one that orca-strated the heist!
  • The killer whale planned its attack on the seals for weeks. It was very carefully orca-strated.
  • Q: Where does a killer whale go to get braces? The orca-dentist.
  • Q: What was the orca’s favorite game show? Whale of Fortune.
  • Prince Charles was mistaken for a collection of orca paintings. He is the prints of whales
  • Q: What do you get when a bunch of orcas congregates under a full moon? A tide pod.
  • Q: What did baby Orca’s parents say when she brought home straight A’s on her report card? “Whale done”
  • Q: Why did the orca go to the optometrist? He couldn’t sea whale.
  • An Orca was questioned by the cods about a potential murder. But he didn’t admit to anything. His lips were sealed. 
  • A blind man fell in the orca tank at the aquarium! He couldn’t see that whale.
  • Q: How do we save the orcas in Sea World? Through the underground whale road
  • Q: What do you call a bunch of whales that play instruments? An Orca-stra.
  • Q: How do the Orcas know how to hunt together? They must orca-strate it.
  • Q: What do you call a group of killer whales carrying musical instruments? An orca-stra.
  • Q: What style of music ocean creatures like the most? Aquapella
  • Q: Why are killer whales so good at hunting? They’re very well orca-stratedQ: Why was Mr. Dolphin’s bank heist so successful? Because it was a whale orca-strated plan
  • Q: What do you call a doctor who takes care of whales teeth? An Orca-dontist
  • Q: What do you call a group of musical whales? An orca-stra
  • Orcas don’t belong in tanks. You need to teach them how to drive one responsibly first.
  • Q: How do whales prepare for a party? They orca-nise it.
  • When the group of orcas gets together at night, they love to watch the Whale of Fortune.
  • Q: What is an orca’s favorite kind of nut? Whalenuts.
  • Q: What did the orca right on his Valentine’s Day card? “Whale you be mine?”

One-Liner Orca Puns

  • Orca Lamp
  • The Phantom Of The Orca
  • The Orca ain’t over till the fat lady sings
  • Music Orca
  • Sydney Orca House
  • Soap Orca
  • A Night at the Orca
  • Orca Mini
  • Orca Dione
  • Central Orca of molecular biology
  • Film Orca
  • I’m Orca Be
  • Gut Orca
  • Dragon’s Orca
  • Teen Orca
  • Korean Orca
  • Orcation Orca
  • Orca & Fauna
  • Flora & Orca
  • Repo! The Genetic Orca
  • DJ Orca
  • Orca Film
  • Orca fiction
  • Orca of India
  • God’s Orca Cut You Down
  • Literary Orca
  • Orca neutrino anomaly
  • Confessions of a Teenage Orca Queen
  • Plantar Orca
  • Space Orca
  • A  Change Is Orca Come
  • Jerry Springer: The Orca
  • Phantom of the Orca
  • Never Orca Give You Up
  • Comedy-Orca
  • Hungarian State Orca House
  • Metropolitan Orca
  • Medical Orca
  • Karpman Orca triangle
  • Taiwanese Orca
  • Orca experiment
  • Orca Software
  • Peabody Orca House
  • Orca dome
  • The Threepenny Orca
  • Orca of Australia
  • Radio Orca
  • The Beggar’s Orca
  • Skin Orca
  • Orca school
  • Chinese Orca
  • Indian soap Orca
  • Metropolitan Orca Live in H
  • Peking Orca
  • This Is Orca Hurt
  • Who’s Orca Ride Your Wild Horses
  • Doxa Orca F.C.
  • Eating Out 4: Orca Camp
  • Rock Orca
  • Royal Orca House
  • Are You Orca Go My Way
  • Nothing’s Orca Stop Us Now
  • We’re Not Orca Take It
  • English Orca
  • Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Orca
  • Orca buffa
  • Orca tube
  • You Ain’t Orca Need It
  • Central School of Speech and Orca
  • Legal Orca
  • Pulitzer Prize for Orca
  • Total Orca Island
  • Nothing’s Orca Change My Love for You
  • Musical Orca
  • Are You Orca Be My Girl
  • The story about that flying Orca is a whale of a story!
  • The reason that an Orca can travel such long distances is that they are good at whaling cabs.
  • If you go to a party with a group of Orcas you are guaranteed a whale of a time.
  • I saw a group of whale musicians, they were part of an orca-stra!
  • Before the Orca could leave the hospital, the doctor wanted to ensure he was whale-rested.

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