Facts About Mars

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Embark on an interplanetary adventure with these facts about Mars. Learn about the Red Planet’s unique features, including its giant volcanoes, deep canyons, and mysterious moons. Perfect for young space enthusiasts and students eager to explore the wonders of our solar system’s fourth planet.

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Mars is a really cool planet that’s often called the “Red Planet” because it looks red. It’s the fourth planet from the Sun in our solar system. Did you know that Mars has the tallest volcano and the biggest canyon in the whole solar system?

The volcano is called Olympus Mons and it’s three times taller than Mount Everest! Mars is super cold and it has two moons, named Phobos and Deimos. Exploring Mars is exciting because scientists think there might have been water there a long time ago!

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Facts about Mars

  1. The Red Planet’s southern hemisphere tilts towards the sun at its closest point to the sun. 
  2. Mars doesn’t have a magnetic field.
  3. The Mars Equator region experiences temperatures around 20°C, but it remains as low as -140°C at the poles.
  4. There are signs of liquid water on Mars.
  5. Mars suffers from some seriously nasty sandstorms
  6. Mars is a popular spacecraft destination:
  7.  On July 30, 2020, NASA launched the Perseverance Rover to collect samples of ancient microbial life on the planet. 
  8. Mars features the deepest canyons of all the planets of the solar system. 
  9. The red planet’s atmosphere is 61 times thinner than the Earth’s atmosphere. 
  10. You’d weigh less on Mars
  11. According to Space Science Reviews, the geological history of Mars is divided into three periods, namely the Noachian Period (4.5 billion years ago), the Hesperian Period (3.3 billion years ago), and the Amazonian Period (2.9 billion years ago).
  12. On Mars, the Sun appears to be about half the size of Earth.
  13. Mars has methane in its atmosphere.
  14. It is twice as cold as Mount Everest on Mars.
  15. Mars might be a second Earth in the future.
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  1. On the red planet, the sun’s appearance is the same size as it does on Planet Earth.
  2. Mars has a surface area of 55, 742, 105 square miles, almost equal to Earth’s surface area of 57, 308, 757 square miles.
  3. Mars was once dominated by oceans until they suddenly disappeared. 
  4. Traces of liquid water were discovered on Mars.
  5. Mars Has Some Extreme Highs And Lows In Terrain.
  6. Mars lacks an Ozone layer like Earth as it has a potent dose of radiation when the sun rises.
  7. Mars appears to be where probes go to die
  8. Scientists project that Mars will have a ring someday.
  9. The ancient Greeks named the Red Planet ‘’Ares,” after their god of war.
  10. Mars is the only planet totally inhabited by robots
  11. A year on Mars, commonly known as Martian Year, is equal to 687 Earth days. 
  12. Mars has the largest dust storms in the solar system.
  13. Mars has frozen ice today but it is thought to have once been liquid
  14. A single dust storm is capable of covering the entire planet and could last for months.
  15. We have pieces of Mars on Earth.
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  1. Mars has an average surface temperature of -81 degrees Fahrenheit (-63 degrees Celsius). 
  2. The month of March is named after the Red Planet, Mars.
  3. Phobos and Deimos are the two moons revolving around the red planet.
  4. Sunsets on Mars are blue.
  5. Mars is a popular spacecraft destination.
  6. A day on Mars lasts only 40 minutes more than a day on Planet Earth.
  7. Galileo Galilei was the first human to discover Mars through a telescope.
  8. During the exploration of Mars, scientists discovered a wide variety of rocks named the rocks: Shark, Stimpy, Yogi, Moe, Cabbage Patch, and Bamacle.
  9. Mars used to have a thicker atmosphere
  10. Mars has an enormous canyon on its surface too
  11. In the early space age, we thought Mars was like the moon.
  12. During winter, 20% of water freezes on the Red Planet.
  13. Bits of Mars have actually reached Earth in the past
  14. In 2018, NASA’s Curiosity Rover landed on Mars for the purpose of exploration and discovered life-tracing compounds in sedimentary rocks
  15. Mars’s atmosphere is composed almost entirely of carbon dioxide, while carbon dioxide on Earth accounts for just 0.04% of the Earth’s atmosphere.
  16. Mars might still be volcanically active
  17. Mars is the second smallest planet after Mercury.
  18. Due to similar tilts in rotational axes, the seasons of the Earth and Mars could have been similar.
  19. One day Mars will have a ring.
  20. Mars has quite a lot of methane in its atmosphere too
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  1. Mars would kill an unprotected astronaut quickly.
  2. Mars has frozen water today
  3. Mars has the tallest mountain known in the Solar system
  4. Mars derives its name from the Roman god of war
  5. Only 18 missions to Mars have been successful.
  6. Mars experiences partial or annular eclipses.
  7. Mars experiences all four seasons occurring on Earth because its axis is tilted away from the sun.
  8. The first spacecraft sent to explore the Red Planet was the Soviet Union’s Mars 1.
  9. Mars contains the largest volcanic mountain in the entire solar system.
  10. Second smallest planet in the solar system
  11. You wouldn’t last very long on Mars without a spacesuit
  12. Mars had water in the ancient past,
  13. If you were to drive from Earth to Mars at 60 mph, it would take you 271 years and 221 days.
  14. Mars has two moons – and one of them is doomed
  15. Mars should get its own ring in the future

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