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If you’re like me, you love a good pun. They make life more fun and interesting. And what could be more fun than a bridge pun? Here are some of my favorites – I hope you enjoy them too!

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Funny Bridge Puns for Kids

These bridge puns are super humorous. They definitely keep the conversation flowing. There are multiple ways to incorporate these awesome bridge puns into jokes or even everyday life. You can’t go wrong with a bridge pun!

Bridge puns are the epitome of silly behavior. Who even came up with the idea of bridge puns? Maybe they were walking across a bridge and said “you should bridge the gap.” Then the person laughed because it was a bridge pun!

What is a Pun?

Puns are a great way to make people laugh, and they’re even better when you get creative with your puns. They rely on words that sound alike or have similar meanings, which is results makes a really funny pun! Check out these funny bridge puns for kids and then see if you can make up your own!

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Funny Bridge Puns

brown bridge on green background with "bridge puns" written in white
  • Pete and Repeat were walking on a bridge. Pete jumped off. Who is left?
  • How do you get two whales in a car? Down the M4 then over the Severn Bridge.
  • A friend wants to cure his fear of trolls, but not quite yet. He’ll cross that bridge when he comes to it.
  • Why was the teenage fidgeting with the bridge on the beach? Because of pier pressure.
  • What was the frog doing jumping off the bridge? Kermitting suicide.
  • Someone I know jumped off a bridge in Cairo. He was in the Nile.
  • I watched a documentary on how they built the Golden Gate Bridge. It was riveting.
  • I absolutely hate broken bridges. I just can’t get over them.
  • I tried reading a book about a castle with the drawbridge up, but I couldn’t get into it.
  • An architect designed a bridge but he made a massive mistake. He couldn’t get over it.
  • Who was hurt in the bridge collapse in Australia? The ones that were down under.
  • Have you seen the movie about the production methods of boats, planes, and bridges in the 20th century? I can’t remember the name but it’s riveting.
  • I told my dad that I always felt a deep sense of foreboding when we drive on the bridge over the canal. He said “That’s because the canal IS for boating.”
  • Broken bridges annoy me. I just can’t get over them.
  • Why are bridges so expensive? It’s all overhead.
  • I once worked at a place where I had to use a pay-to-cross bridge 10 times a day… That took a toll!
  • I was really enjoying this documentary about bridge building, until… Until they started using examples from foreign countries. That’s a bridge too far for me.
  • If I make a bridge shorter… Is it now abridged?
  • What language do bridges speak? Spanish.
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  • I saw some people building a new bridge near me and every lunch break, they would sit down for afternoon tea complete with tablecloth and napkins… It was very civil engineering!
  • Building a stable relationship is like building a stable bridge. It takes a lot of truss.
  • What do you call a polite man who builds bridges? A civil engineer.
  • Why did the Mexican man throw his wife off the bridge? Tequila!
  • I banged my head on a low bridge. Would have been ok if viaduct.
  • How do the monsters that hide beneath bridges get to work? They ride the Troll-ey.
  • Did you guys hear about the stickup on the bridge? Some kid threw it up there.
  • Dad drove five of us under a bridge with a sign saying “12 feet”. “Oh no! We only have 10 feet! Better turn back.”
  • There were 3 Mexicans. They crossed a bridge and there were only 2, why? Because there was no Tres-passing.
  • I never go on truss bridges. They are not trusstable.
  • I read a new book on bridge design. It was written by Archie Tek.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge’s new slogan. The jump of a lifetime.
  • Broken bridges really annoy me. I just can’t get over them.
  • The big moron and the little moron are on a bridge. The big moron fell off. How come the little moron didn’t fall off? He was a little “more on.”
  • A cop parks at the bottom of a bridge, waiting for a speeder. He pulls a man over for doing 40 over the speed limit, and says, “Son, I’ve been waiting for you all day.” The man quickly responds, “Well, I got here as fast as I could!
  • Why could no one hear Helen Keller cry for help when she fell off a bridge? She was wearing mittens.
  • A friend of mine bought some London Bridge trousers. They keep falling down.
  • Love watching rivers running under bridges on the internet. Was watching a live stream earlier.
  • Bought a castle with a device to fill the gap under the drawbridge. It’s a remoat control.
  • Whenever I see the Golden Gate, my heart just ex-spans.
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  • You can truss that you’ll never find a bridge more beautiful than the Golden Gate.
  • Isn’t it iron-ic that the Golden Gate is red, not gold?
  • The Golden Gate steels my heart every time.
  • Why does a ghost throw himself off of a bridge? Banshee jumping.
  • Have you heard that really convoluted metaphor about poorly constructed bridges? It’s hard to get across.
  • I’ve stopped burning bridges in my life because they make them out of steel now.
  • Pennsylvania can now officially say that they are more English than American now. If you ask why, it’s because: Pittsburgh Bridge Has Fallen Down.
  • I knew a man whose work focused specifically on designing draw bridges… of course, this was before his suspension.
  • Did you hear about the guy who was fishing from a railway bridge? He was trying to catch a train.
  • How do you cross a troll bridge in Middle Earth? You use J.R.R. tokens.
  • What do you call a sweatshirt on the ledge of the tower bridge? A jumper!
  • What do you call a statement that is said below a bridge? An understatement.
  • Stop, keep left, no through road, one way, bridge out. Just practicing my sign language.
  • If you jumped off a bridge in Paris, You would be IN SEINE.
  • What do you get when you cross a bridge with a car? You get to the other side.
  • I recently saw a documentary about bridges. It was the most suspenseful documentary I have seen.
  • What did the Arch bridge say to the Truss bridge? “I Truss-ted you!”
  • Why was the burnside bridge so hot? Because it’s on the burning side.
  • Guys, you can’t name a bridge Chuck Norris. Because no one crosses Chuck Norris.
  • Did you hear about the egg laden rabbit who jumps off bridges? He’s the Easter Bungee!
brown bridge with white background and a bridge pun with green border
  • May the bridges I burn light the way.
  • What kind of car drives over water? Any kind of car, if it goes over a bridge.
  • The Brooklyn Bridge is no hidden gem. It’s pretty mainstream.
  • When the Brooklyn Bridge was unveiled it was a dis-Roebling.
  • When crossing from Brooklyn to Manhattan, remember to say So Long Island.
  • Don’t surprise me on the Brooklyn Bridge. The suspension is giving me anxiety.

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