100+ Best Muffin Puns (These are Scrumptious!)

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Ready for some of the most scrumptious puns around? Then look no further than these muffin puns. They are sure to help you whisk up some fun with your friends and family and leave you laughing and craving more.

3 mufffins on white napkin on pink background with white text title "muffin puns"

Pun lovers, grab your aprons and get ready to mix up some laughs with these muffin puns. With so many different varieties of muffin humor, you are sure to find the ones that make you crumble with laughter. So preheat your sense of humor, grease up your pans, and get ready to be busting with giggles with these muffin puns. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself muffin around spreading joy and laughter to others with these silly puns. After all, laughter is the recipe for happiness in life. So get ready to bake up some mouthwatering humor with these muffin puns.

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Two chocolate chip muffins on pink background with 'Muffin Puns' text

Best Muffin Puns

Brown muffin on white background with pink border and muffin pun.
  • You ain’t got muffin on me!
  • Muffin‘s gonna change my love for you!
  • Baby… muffin compares to you!
  • Bakin’s easy… muffin to it.
  • Yo! What’s bakin??? Muffin much
  • Hey honey… you’re my stud muffin.
  • Baby… I’m muffin without you!
  • I will stop at muffin to succeed!
  • Owww! I have a bad tooth-cake.
  • Careful or you might cake (break) something fragile.
  • Let me cake it up to you.
  • That muffin looks so cake.
  • Oh, for goodness’ cake!
  • Cake the money and run!
  • Can you cake me up at 9 in the morning?
  • Crumb and get it!
  • A crumb before the storm.
  • You stick out like a sore crumb.
  • Mr. Goody Crumb-drop.
  • Beg, borrow, stale.
Brown muffin with sprinkles on white background with pink border and muffin pun.
  • Looks like we are in a stale-mate.
  • We had to take a calculated whisk.
  • Beat around the bush.
  • She added a beat to much butter to the batter.
  • All fondant and games.
  • Muffin is better cakes.
  • You haven’t seen muffin yet.
  • Hit the bakes! Drive slowly.
  • Bake a leg!
  • Bake it till you make it.
  • Cupcakes are muffins with bake-up.
  • For old times’ bake.
  • You have to give and bake sometimes.
  • Bake to the future.
  • Baking and entering is a punishable offense.
  • I love cakes in the baking.
  • It’s time to meet your baker!
  • The bake-ground music was so calming.
  • 8 is an oven number.
  • Dough you want to be mine?
Brown muffin with sprinkles on a white background with pink border and muffin pun.
  • Seriously dough…
  • I’m starting to dough on you.
  • You should’ve known batter than to do that.
  • What’s the batter?
  • That flour looks amazing.
  • The cake had to mop the dirty flour of his house.
  • I wasn’t born yeast-erday.
  • Happiness translates to freshly baked muffins.
  • Nothing better than the smell of freshly baked muffins and freshly brewed coffee.
  • Muffins are therapeutic.
  • Live and love muffins.
  • Just give me freshly baked muffins and I’ll be happy.
  • A muffin a day keeps depression away.
  • Set your problems aside. Enjoy a muffin.
  • It’s gastronomically impossible not to enjoy a muffin.
  • Muffins: they’re just younger brothers of a really good cake.
  • Freshly baked muffins available today.
  • Try out our fruit-topped muffins.
  • Our cream-filled, cream topped muffins are magical.
  • Serving uniquely flavored muffins each day.
Brown muffin with sprinkles on white background with pink border and muffin pun.
  • Baking fresh muffins since (insert the year when your business was established).
  • Grab a bite. Get ready for the day. Try our muffins.
  • 100% healthy, 100% delicious, 100% muffins
  • My breakfast is made of two cappuccinos and a toasted English muffin.
  • Baking muffins instead of doing something important? That’s perfectly fine.
  • I had a revelation. The smell of muffins permeates the essence of the universe.
  • I ate all those muffins. And so?
  • There was a time when grandmas baking muffins ruled the world.
  • It’s just a cupcake looking for a stud muffin.
  • Muffin tops are sexy.
  • The answer to everything is—muffin.
  • Don’t trust people who hate muffins.
  • Marry someone who bakes muffins, and you’ll be all right for the rest of your life.
  • If only muffins could talk…
  • If I go to Mars, I’ll break protocol and bring freeze-dried muffins with me.
  • In case of alien invasion, give them my grandmother’s muffins.
  • Caution! Never, ever touch my muffins.
  • I just experienced a devastating breakup—with my favorite muffin.
  • I’d eat soft muffins in a jiffy—and hard ones as well.
  • Want to experience paradise? Sniff and eat a muffin.
Brown muffin with chocolate chips on white background with pink border and muffin pun
  • A cupcake is just a muffin with clown puke topping. – Charlie Brooker
  • My saddlebags are why Spanx exists! Now that I have a baby I also have a muffin top. – Sara Blakely
  • Two old Bachelors were living in one house; One caught a Muffin, the other caught a Mouse. – Edward Lear
  • Q: What did the pie say to the muffin upon leaving? “Good-pie”.
  • Q: What is muffins spelled backwards? Exactly what you do when you take them out of the oven.
  • Q: What did the baker call his son when he baked muffins instead of scones? Good for muffin.
  • Q: What is the craziest type of muffin? Banana nuts!
  • Q: What do you call a little iced muffin that causes chronic pain? A cupc-ache.
  • Q: How big is 1000000 digital muffins? Just a few megabytes.
  • Q: Why is a baseball team similar to a muffin? They both rely on the batter.
  • Q: When is a muffin like a golf ball? When it’s been sliced.
  • Q: Why couldn’t the teddy bear finish his muffin? Because he was stuffed.
  • Q: Why did the giant use clouds to make muffins? To make them light and fluffy.
  • Q: What kind of muffins can fly? Plane ones.
  • Q: Why do bakers give women on special occasions? Flours.
  • Q: Why are muffin jokes always funny? Because they never get mold!
  • Q: What do ghosts eat when they are hungry? Booberry muffins!
  • Q: Why did the muffin fall down the stairs? He was baked.
  • Q: If I had a dozen muffins and Carlos took 13 away from me, what do I have now? A math problem.
  • Q: What did one muffin say to the other? Muffin’, he wasn’t a very talkative guy.
Brown muffin on white background with pink border and muffin pun
  • Q: What did the pancake say to the complimentary muffin? I’m flattered!
  • Q: What do you call a pastry made from a potato? A spud muffin.
  • Q: What is one kind of food that speaks a language? An English muffin.
  • Q: Why did the baker cross the road? He had muffin’ else to do!
  • Q: Why was the muffin sad? It was a mixture of things.
  • Q: What’s the best way to organize your cakes, muffins, and hamburger buns? Alphabreadically!

Do you know even more muffin puns? Don’t forget to share them in the comments so we can laugh too!

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