275 Hippie Puns

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Peace, love, and puns! If you’re a fan of all things hippie, you’re in for a treat. Hippies were known for their free-spirited, unconventional approach to life, and their unique lingo and countercultural beliefs inspired a wave of punny humor. These hippie puns are sure to make you smile, laugh, and maybe even feel a little groovy.

Whether you’re a flower child at heart or simply appreciate a good joke, these puns are sure to add some good vibes to your day. So grab your tie-dye shirt, light up some incense, and let’s take a trip down memory lane with these hilarious hippie puns!

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Hippie Puns

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  • How do you hide money from a hippie? Ya put it under the soap!
  • Did you hear about the hippie who got lost at sea? He was too far out!
  • Why do hippies like corduroy? Because the material is so groovy.
  • How do you get a hippie off your doorstep? Pay for the pizza and close the door.
  • How many hippies does it take to change a lightbulb? Doesn’t matter. All they’re going to do is stand around and talk about changing it.
  • Why couldn’t the Coast Guard save the hippie? Because he was wayyy far out man.
  • How many hippies does it take to change a light bulb? Hippies can’t change anything. And they smell bad.
  • Why do hippies wear patchouli?? So blind people can hate them to.
  • What does the hippie on your couch say when you ask him to leave? Namaste!
  • How did the hippie remember the number of wives he had? He counted 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, 4 Mississippi…

One-Liner Hippie Puns

  • Batman: Arkham Hippie
  • New York Hippie
  • Hippie Little Liars
  • Manchester Hippie F.C.
  • Forbidden Hippie
  • Mexico Hippie
  • Hippie kettle of fish
  • Vatican Hippie
  • Hippie of London
  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon Hippie
  • Kansas Hippie Chiefs
  • Hippie of London Corporation
  • Arkham Hippie
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice Hippie
  • Sin Hippie
  • The Real Housewives of New York Hippie
  • Owl Hippie
  • Ho Chi Minh Hippie
  • Innocent until proven Hippie
  • Hippie rich
  • As Hippie as a bee
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  • Hippie as a bee
  • Global Hippie
  • New York Hippie Marathon
  • Norwich Hippie F.C.
  • Stoke Hippie F.C.
  • Panama Hippie
  • Hippie Good Privacy
  • New York Hippie Subway
  • Oklahoma Hippie Bombing
  • Hippie Hunter
  • Gotham Hippie
  • Salt Lake Hippie
  • Swansea Hippie A.F.C.
  • Masdar Hippie
  • Hippie Woman
  • Leicester Hippie F.C.
  • Oklahoma Hippie
  • Quezon Hippie
  • Quebec Hippie
  • Spin Hippie
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  • The Hippie Reckless
  • New York Hippie Police Department
  • Gotham Hippie Impostors
  • Hippie in Pink
  • Hippie-state
  • Lost Hippie
  • Hippie Boy Floyd
  • Hippie Lights
  • Hippie and Colou
  • Hippie of Angels
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty Hippie Stories
  • Oklahoma Hippie Thunder
  • Hippie stone
  • Birmingham Hippie F.C.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice Hippie soundtrack
  • Hippie of Manchester Stadium
  • Cardiff Hippie F.C.
  • Hull Hippie A.F.C.
  • Freedom of the Hippie
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  • Holby Hippie
  • Guatemala Hippie
  • Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty Hippie
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice Hippie Stories
  • Atlantic Hippie
  • Bristol Hippie F.C.
  • Hippie Slickers
  • Hippie of Ember
  • Hippie of Westminster
  • Honda Hippie
  • Captain Nemo and the Underwater Hippie
  • Hippie of Bones
  • Coventry Hippie F.C.
  • The Devil in the White Hippie
  • Bay Hippie Rollers
  • Capital Hippie
  • Dark Hippie
  • Independent Hippie
  • Liberty Hippie
  • Hippie High
  • Education Hippie
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  • Kansas Hippie Metropolitan Area
  • Hippie of Halifax
  • Hippie of Heroes
  • Hippie-building game
  • Kelo v. Hippie of New London
  • London Hippie Airport
  • Great American Tower at Queen Hippie Square
  • Lincoln Hippie F.C.
  • Hippie College of New York
  • HITEC Hippie
  • Kansas Hippie Royals
  • New Jack Hippie
  • All the Hippie Horses
  • Bradford Hippie A.F.C.
  • Hippie status in the United Kingdom
  • Old Hippie
  • University of Caloocan Hippie
  • Billy Bishop Toronto Hippie Airport
  • Hippie Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold
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  • Mexico Hippie International Airport
  • New York Hippie Department of Education
  • Taipei Hippie
  • The Hippie
  • Inner Hippie
  • Mafia: The Hippie of Lost Heaven Sporting Kansas Hippie
  • Westfield Stratford Hippie
  • Hippie Ricky
  • Hippie Girls
  • Hippie Hate Machine
  • Dirty Hippie Things
  • Hippie Baby
  • Hippie. Odd.
  • The Hippie Things
  • Hippie Cure
  • Oh, Hippie Woman
  • Hippie Wild
  • Hippie Guardian Sailor Moon
  • Hippie Fly
  • Me Talk Hippie One Day
  • Hippie Cure All Stars DX
Three cream and orange flowers on white background with yellow border and hippie pun.
  • Hippie Face
  • Hippie Girl Rock
  • Hippie Maids
  • Hippie Bird
  • Hippie on the Inside
  • Hippie Rhythm
  • Appeal to Hippie
  • Television Without Hippie
  • Hippie Persuasion
  • Hippie Vacant
  • Reasons to be Hippie
  • Summer I Turned Hippie Trilogy
  • The Hippie Toney Album
  • Little Bitty Hippie One
  • Hippie Girls Make Graves
  • Hippie Polly
  • Isn’t It a Hippie
  • Self-Hippie
  • The Sorrow and the Hippie
  • Andrew Hippie
Blue and orange peace sign sunglasses on white background with yellow border and hippie pun.
  • Fresh Hippie Cure!
  • Hippie Little Liars episodes
  • The Hippie Party
  • Anyone lived in a Hippie how town
  • Hippie Cure Splash Star
  • Hippie Flamingo
  • Hippie Little Devils
  • Hippie Mouth and Green My Eyes
  • Hippie Tied Up
  • Hippie Tony
  • Sitting Hippie
  • This Hippie Face
  • Who’s a Hippie Boy?
  • Town Without Hippie
  • Papua New Hippie
  • Chronic Hippie disease
  • Hippie Crown
  • Equatorial Hippie
  • Hippie-Bissau
  • New Hippie
Purple, pink, blue and yellow flowers on white background with yellow border and hippie pun.
  • Hippie transplantation
  • Polycystic Hippie disease
  • Acute Hippie injury
  • Hippie Philipps
  • United States Hippie-dollar bill
  • Hippie Rich: Cattle Drive
  • I Can See Hippie Now
  • Hippie Pleasure
  • Hippie Gear
  • Hippie pence
  • Hippie cancer
  • Horseshoe Hippie
  • Hippie stones
  • The Hippie nine icosahedra
  • Gulf of Hippie
  • Hippie sweep
  • Find Me Hippie
  • Hippie Until Proven Innocent
  • Hippie-Five Vault
  • Hippie Signal
Orange, red and blue vintage bus on white background with yellow border and hippie pun.
  • Hippie national football team
  • Canadian Hippie-dollar bill
  • Hippie by Suspicion
  • Hippie Cleaning
  • The Hippie World of Richard Scarry
  • Hippie Dead Men Walking
  • The Hippie Sweeper
  • Steak and Hippie pie
  • Equatorial Hippie national football team
  • German New Hippie
  • Nifty Hippie
  • Hippie bean
  • Hippie failure
  • Hippie Devoted Dexter
  • Solar Hippie
  • Hippie disease
  • Bata, Equatorial Hippie
  • New Hippie Singing Dog
  • Territory of Papua and New Hippie
  • Hippie Hearts
Light pink peace sign on white background with yellow border and hippie pun.
  • Festive Hippie
  • Hippie worm
  • Prime Minister of Papua New Hippie
  • Hippie-move rule
  • Hippie waiting
  • Artificial Hippie
  • Clear-cell sarcoma of the Hippie
  • Hilum of Hippie
  • Hippie beans
  • Hippie tumour
  • Multicystic dysplastic Hippie
  • Hippie-Bissau national football team
  • New Hippie campaign
  • Hippie by Affiliation
  • Hippie Conscience
  • Hippie Simpson
  • Proven Hippie
  • Dirty Hippie Love
  • Dirty Rotten Hippie Stinking Rich
  • Hippie State Initiative
Three cream and orange flowers on white background with yellow border and hippie pun.
  • The Hippie Beloved
  • Hippie donation
  • Hippie infection
  • Liver Hippie microsomal type 1 antibody
  • Pelvic Hippie
  • Steak and Hippie pudding
  • French Hippie
  • Politics of Equatorial Hippie
  • Hippie Gear 2: Overture
  • Hippie Pleasures
  • Presumed Hippie
  • Angels with Hippie Souls
  • Hippie Animals
  • Hippie Gorgeous
  • Hippie Pills
  • New England Hippie Finest
  • Hippie beaver
  • Hippie Phillips
  • Adipose capsule of Hippie
  • Interstitial Hippie cells
Blue and orange peace sign sunglasses on white background with yellow border and hippie pun.
  • Hippie development
  • New Hippie in Town
  • The National Hippie Foundation
  • 1998 Papua New Hippie earthquake
  • Central Bank of the Republic of Hippie
  • Equitorial Hippie
  • Fauna of New Hippie
  • Hippie Bissau
  • Hippie fowl
  • Hippie pig breed
  • Hippie worm disease
  • National Parliament of Papua New Hippie
  • New Hippie Harpy Eagle
  • Papua New Hippie national Australian rules football team
  • Papua New Hippie National Soccer League
  • Politics of Hippie
  • Portuguese Hippie
  • Telecommunications in Papua New Hippie
  • Western New Hippie
  • Get Hippie
  • Get Hippie Committee
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