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Rain jokes are a perfect way to brighten up a dreary day. Jokes offer a refreshing twist on classic humor, ideal for sharing with friends and family or adding a splash of fun to a text you send!

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Best Rain Jokes To Have You Laughing On A Cloudly Day!

Jokes uniquely unite people; they offer a lighthearted take on the often gloomy day, transforming a potentially dreary day into an opportunity for laughter and friendship. Sharing a rain joke can lighten the mood and bring people closer together. In this way, even the simplest rain-themed jokes can sprinkle a bit of sunshine into an overcast day, proving that humor can indeed brighten our lives, regardless of the weather.

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  • What do you call a wet pirate? Captain Rainbeard.
  • What did one raindrop say to the other raindrop? “My plop is bigger than your plop.”
  • Why did the raindrop go to therapy? It had a lot of clouded thoughts!
  • What’s worse than raining cats and dogs? Hailing taxis.
  • What do you call a rainy day in Spain? A wet Barcelona.
  • Why does Santa have a huge umbrella? Because of all the rain, dear.
  • How does a raindrop feel after a long day? Drained.
  • What’s rain’s favorite accessory? A rainbow.
  • What’s a tornado’s favorite game? Twister.
  • Why did some light rain hit only one city and not the others? It just mists.
  • Why don’t ghosts walk outside when it rains? It dampens their spirits.
  • What does rain do before marriage? It precipiDATES!
  • Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Butter. Butter who? Butter bring an umbrella. It looks like it might start raining.
  • What did the weatherman for the Roman Empire tell the emperor when asked for a forecast? “Hail, Caesar.”
  • Why are there no vampires in Africa? Because they blessed the rains down in Africa.
  • What do you call a deer that loves being out in the rain? A reindeer.
  • When does it rain brains? During a brain-storm.
  • How does rain come up with ideas? It brainstorms!
  • How could the skeleton tell the rain was coming? He could feel it in his bones!
  • What did one lightning bolt say to the other lightning bolt? You’re shocking!
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  • Why shouldn’t you fight with a rain cloud? It’ll storm out on you.
  • What is a king’s favorite kind of precipitation? Hail!
  • Why do sailors eat shellfish before it rains? To enjoy the clam before the storm.
  • How does rain tie its shoelaces? In little water knots.
  • Why do cows lie down in the rain? To keep each udder dry.
  • Why didn’t the light rain hit the target? It just mists.
  • What do books wear on a wet and rainy day? Rain quotes.
  • What do you call a bear in the rain? A drizzly bear.
  • What does a cloud wear under its raincoat? Thunderwear.
  • What do you call it when it is raining chickens and ducks? Foul weather!
  • When does it rain money? When there’s a change in the weather.
  • What’s all wet and likes to shake? An earthquake on a rainy day.
  • What’s the difference between rain and a shower? Consent.
  • What do you call a pile of coins in the rain? Climate change.
  • Why does Snoop Dog need an umbrella? Fo’ Drizzle.
  • What’s the difference between rain and climate? You can’t rain a tree, but you can climate.
  • What’s the difference between a horse and the weather? One is reined up and the other rains down.
  • What’s worse than raining buckets? Hailing taxis!
  • If a thunderstorm hits while a band is playing music, who is most likely to get struck by lightning? The conductor.
  • Knock! Knock! Who’s there? August. August who? August of wind pushed the rain clouds ahead.
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  • What do you call Tatooine rain on a hot day? Lukewarm Skywater!
  • What do you call the weatherman who really likes to eat steak? A MEATerologist.
  • Why did the weatherman blush? He saw climate change.
  • What did one big tornado say to the other little tornado? Let’s go ahead and twist again like we did last summer.
  • What did one raindrop say to the other little raindrop? Two is a company and three’s a cloud. 
  • What is the wettest animal at the North Pole? The rain-deer.
  • What did the rain say to the Earth? I’m falling for you!
  • What do you call a baby owl stuck in the rain? A moist owlette!
  • How do you know rain doesn’t fall? Because raindrops.
  • Why is Britain the wettest country? Because royalty has reigned there for centuries.
  • Why did Iron Man sleep outside when it rained? To get some rust.
  • What do you call dangerous precipitation? A rain of terror.
  • How come you found all that rain on your vacation? It was just there when we got there.
  • Why is the wind more popular than the rain? Because it has a lot of fans.
  • How are rain and reign similar? Before they end, both fall and cause a huge mess.
  • Why does a momma kangaroo hate the rain? On those days, the kids have to play inside.
  • How can you wrap a cloud? With a rainbow.
  • What do you call it when it rains ducks and geese? Fowl weather.
  • Why do you have to act quickly during a flood? Because it is an emergent-sea.
  • How do you wash a waterproof rain jacket? Dry clean it.
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  • What do you call a wet snail? A slimy-der.
  • What is a queen’s favorite kind of precipitation? Reign!
  • Did you hear the cheesy weather forecast? Rain with light Bries.
  • What do you call a wet superhero? The Soak.
  • Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Lettuce. Lettuce who? Lettuce in, it’s raining outside.
  • What kind of lightning likes to play sports? Ball lightning.
  • Can bees fly in the rain? Not without their yellow jackets.
  • What did the cornfield say when it heard rain coming? That’s music to my ears.
  • What do you call a rainy day in Italy? A wet-a spaghetti.
  • What did one raindrop say as it ran off the road? This is a grate day.
  • What does it do before it rains candy? It sprinkles!
  • What animal loves being out in the rain? A rain deer.
  • What does a spy do when it is raining? He goes undercover!
  • How do witches fly when it rains? With a mop.
  • What did the rain say to the tree? “Leaf me alone!”
  • What is the Mexican weather report? Chili today and hot tamale.
  • What do you call a dinosaur that got stuck in the rain? A driplodocus.
  • Why did the umbrella break up with the raincoat? It thought the raincoat was too clingy!
  • Man, it was really raining cats and dogs today. Sure hope I don’t step into a poodle.
  • What do you call a raincoat made of candy? A sweet coat.
White background with green border and a  kid standing in the rain holding a red and white umbrella with a rain joke

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  • What do you call a wet monster? A drizzle-illa.
  • Why was the sky not happy on clear days? It had the blues.
  • When is Monday coming? MonSoon!
  • What do you call a rainbow that doesn’t appear during a rainstorm where the sun is shining? A refrainbow.
  • Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Accordion. Accordion who? Accordion to the weather channel, it’s going to rain tomorrow!
  • Why did the raindrop go to the bar? It wanted to drown its sorrows!
  • How do hurricanes see? With one eye.
  • Where do lightning bolts go on dates? Cloud nine.
  • Rain doesn’t fall. Raindrops.
  • What did the evaporating raindrop say? “I’m going to pieces.”
  • I hope it doesn’t rain on Halloween night. That would dampen spirits.
  • What did the rainbow say to the pot of gold? You’ll be the end of me.
  • Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Wendy. Wendy who? Wendy today, cloudy tomorrow.
  • What is a raindrop’s favorite exercise? The puddle jump!
  • What does a ghost wear on a rainy day? Booooooooooots.
  • What do you call a parrot with an umbrella on a rainy day? Polly unsaturated.
  • What did the thirsty weatherman say to his colleague? I need my thermos-stat!
  • What is hail? Hard-boiled rain.

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