Wednesday Jokes

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Start your Wednesday with a laugh! Our Wednesday Jokes collection offers a midweek boost of humor to lighten your day. Perfect for sharing at the office or with friends, our jokes are a mix of witty, punny, and downright hilarious. Get ready to brighten up the hump day!

Wednesday Jokes

  • Q: What did the tree say to Wednesday? Please, leaf me alone.
  • Q: How does NASA organize a Wednesday party? They planet.
  • Q: How did Enid try to improve her spelling? By selling her soul to Santa!
  • Q: What day creates the most renewable energy? Winds-Day.
  • Q: How can you tell it’s a Wednesday? When your alarm falls asleep on its own.
  • Q: Why are Sundays stronger than Wednesdays? Because Wednesday is a week day.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Ahh, those were the days.
  • Q: What is it that Wednesday’s dream to be? They only dream and wish of becoming Thursdays.
  • Q: Why did the Addams have the late man arrested? He was expected on Tuesday, but he came on Wednesday.
  • Q: What did the nervous vampire ask every night? When’s day…
  • Q: Why isn’t Wednesday the saddest day of the week? Because 3 days later is a sadder day.
  • Q: Why is Wednesday the longest day of the week? Because it has 9 letters in its name.
  • Q: Why did the woman cry on a Wednesday evening? Because she thought it was whine Wednesday.
  • Q: Why don’t they have Drivers Ed on Wednesday in the Middle East? It wears out the camel.
  • Q: How do you make up for coming late to work on a Wednesday? By leaving early, perhaps?
  • Q: What do you get when you cross Wednesday with a truck? Humpty Dumpty.
  • Q: On which day of the week is it legal to marry the 8-bit Nintendo console? Wednesday.
  • Q: Why did the employee get a camel in the office building? Because the boss said, ‘Bring in the hump day’.
  • Q: What do cows do on Wednesday nights? Go to the mooooooovies.
  • Wife: Don’t forget to pick up the kids from school. Me: It’s Saturday, they’re both upstairs. Wife: It’s Wednesday and we’ve three kids.

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  • I ate my last piece of Swiss cheese on Wednesday, and today it’s raining. Ain’t no sunshine when cheese gone.
  • Q: Why was Wednesday proud to work at the funeral home? It was a big undertaking!
  • Q: Why was the couple getting married today? Because it’s Weds-Day.
  • Q: Why do Wednesdays feel unhappy? Because they are as close to the weekend as they are to Mondays.
  • Q: What do you call a Wednesday when you get ice cream? A sundae!
  • An intern asked his senior: “How do you make up for coming late to work on a Wednesday?” The senior answered: “By leaving early, perhaps?”
  • Q: What kind of bread do you eat on Wednesday? Hump-ernickel.
  • Me and my childhood crush are getting married next week. Me on Wednesday and she on Saturday.
  • Q: What did the student say when they had too much homework on Wednesday? This is the Monday-est Wednesday ever!
  • Q: What are Wednesdays like?  They are just Mondays in the mid-week.
  • Q: How does Yoda get through Wednesday? By saying, “Half over the week is now!”
  • The police arrested the tongue twister world champion on Wednesday. Authorities say that they’ll be giving him a tough sentence.
  • Q: How did the man react when his boss exclaimed, “What a week full of work, right?” He looked in disbelief saying, “It’s only Wednesday”.
  • Q: Why didn’t Pugsley’s sister ever compete in races? Because Tuesday always came before Wednesday.
  • Q: How do you know the clock is still hungry on a Wednesday? It goes back four seconds.Knock knock. Who’s there? Wednesday. Wednesday who? Wednesday morning – time to wake up!
  • Q: What is the best day of the week to write a story? Pensday.
  • Q: How do you make time go fast on Wednesday? Throw a clock.
  • Q: What did Bruno Mars say when he saw it was a Wednesday? “Today, I don’t feel like doing anything.”
  • Q: Why are Superman’s powers useless on Wednesday evenings? Because he goes to his weekly Bitcoin meeting and it’s his crypto-night.
  • Q: What do cows do on Wednesday nights? Go to the mooooooovies.
  • Q: Why did the zombie stay at home from school on Wednesday? He was feeling rotten.
  • Q: What’s Thanos’ favorite holiday? Ash Wednesday
  • I joined a Karate class and told the Sensei I wanted to learn how to do roundhouse kicks. He asked me how flexible I was and I replied I can’t train on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Q: What day of the week do polar bears clean their home? Densday.
  • Q: Did you hear about Wednesday’s inferiority complex? But it isn’t a very good one.
  • Boss: This is the third time you’ve been late for work this week. Do you know what that means? Me: That it’s only Wednesday
  • Q: Why didn’t Pugsley’s sister ever compete in races? Because Tuesday always came before Wednesday.
  • Q: What is even worse than a long week?  Realizing that it is just Wednesday.
  • Q: Guess how I slept last Wednesday night? With my eyes closed.
  • Q: Why isn’t Wednesday the saddest day of the week. Because 3 days later is a sadder day.
  • Q: Why did the man have an un-inviting face in office? Because it was his Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday face.
  • Q: Why don’t they have Drivers Ed on Wednesday in the Middle East? It wears out the camel.
  • Q: How does Adele greet Wednesday from a Sunday? “Hello from the other side of the week!”
  • Q: How do you know that weddings on a Wednesday are sad? When you see the cake is in tiers too.
  • Q: Why was the man happy about Ash Wednesday? Because he wished to give up his work for lent.
  • Q: What is the good and bad thing about Wednesday? It is not Monday!
  • Q: What do camels sing on karaoke night? My hump, my hump, my hump (ha), my lovely lady lumps
  • Q: What is hump day like for the working parents? A Wednesday that never leaves them alone with never-ending work.
  • Q: What is even worse than a long week? Realizing that it is just Wednesday.

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